Saturday, May 11, 2013

Once more with artichokes

I suspect I hide from strong emotion, or at least it spills out and then I sort of run away and worry I said too much, and here it is a month or so later, and well...yeah. I'm at 122, and I'm feeling pretty good. No salt, no caffeine, little sugar. I've discovered the wonders of Mexican food, habanero peppers and corn tortillas.

The bad thing is that I tend to fall asleep. The good thing is that I've managed to control my salt cravings. I've had a couple of really good workshops where--thank God, my brain was with me at least part of the time. And I put in a garden. A big one with artichokes, four kinds of peppers, way too much corn and lots of tomatoes. I suspect I have some pent up veggie lust, because there isn't an inch of garden that isn't utilized. I knew I was in trouble when I started poking walla wallas into the sides of my raised beds after reading something that said rounded tops give you four more inches of planting space.

As wonderful as I feel, I'm not in great shape, and my beach chair is getting serious use. Dig a little, sit down, dig a little more--move the chair into the shade. Seattle has been hot for the last couple of weeks. Maybe not for the rest of the country, but in the Land of No A/C, anything over eighty is a heat wave.

I've been kicking around the idea of podcasts. My kid was against it a couple years ago when I first brought it up, but I think it'd work. I recorded a few things to check out the sound quality, and considering I'm working things off Windows Sound Recorder and a headset, it sounds pretty good.

I'm not much at short blog posts, well--except for the ones about me, which tend to be on the short side, and I kind of hope with the new format, I can cover some of the stuff I've been working on over the last couple of years more consistently.

If anyone has some questions, I'd love to hear them because I'm not sure where to start and it's going to be awkward the first few times. It takes awhile to get comfortable in any new media.


Melissa said...

Hello from Melissa, one of your recent students and Blog follower.
I have lost two pounds after a long week.

Sounds like you are making amazing progress. 122! WOW - way to go!

Podcasts might be interesting and cool. I have never attended(?) one but I am open.

As for your garden - sounds wonderful. I find gardening very Zen when I am not being OCD about it.
Sometimes you need to sleep extra- your stamina will increase-it has too- you are eating great food!

Take care - so nice to read the good news that you are feeling better.

Jodi Henley said...

Hi Melissa! Congratulations on loosing weight! That's pretty cool. :) What's your targeted goal?

I've been thinking about podcasts for years. My kid listens to them during his commute, and I used to listen to the RWA lecture series. A podcast is something like that, except (temporarily, while I figure out how to do it) it won't be downloadable.

I hope I can cover the arc, because it's my favorite subject and there's always so much to talk about.

I'll try to get more sleep--not hard when it knocks me over the head each day. :)

It's good to talk with you!

Jodi Henley said...

all right! managed to figure out the download thing. :)

deanna said...

I must comment here, because I'm growing artichokes, too (well, my son is). I also like your podcasts; in fact, they're so cool I may try to figure that site out for myself. ;o)

Congrats on the dietary changes. I used to be tempted to suggest that you cut down on caffeine. Now you would be justified in suggesting I cut down on salt. :o) Of course, without caffeine one does need to snooze, but then one has energy to go out and watch finches (at least, that's what's in my backyard).