Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Transformational Character Arc: Part 1

lol, last time I talked about the transformational arc, I made people glaze over almost instantly. Guess it's an acquired taste, or maybe I just need space or something, because I tend to wave my arms around. Hopefully this works, doesn't have a lot of scratchy noise, and doesn't drone. I worry about droning.

If it does, I'm going to do my entire transformational arc workshop--in audio! With comments! And asides, and probably a huge amount of meandering here and there. Bear with me, there are still a few bugs, but I'll get them out, you bet.


Priscilla Shay said...

love it! Most I've seen/heard focus mostly on the hero's journey arc. Thanks for the variety :)

Jodi Henley said...

not a problem, Priscilla! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) I hope you'll enjoy the rest also!

Alison Packard said...

I really like the transformational arc. In my current WIP (which is almost complete-about two chapters left, YAY!), I believe my heroine has a upward arc. Over the course of the story, her long held beliefs have been challenged and she's discovered that those beliefs aren't absolute. She ends the story much different that when it began.

Jodi Henley said...

Only two chapters??? Allright! SEP better watch her tiara. :)

Annie said...

Great voice for podcasting, Jodi. You really keep your audience listening.

Very glad to have this in audio form and to be able to download it too.

Looking forward to Part2

Jodi Henley said...

Cool! Thanks, Annie. I hope I'll get better at it. :)

Ken said...

What are you favorite examples of a modern transformational character stories?

Thx for all your work!



Jodi Henley said...

Hi Ken! Sorry for the long lapse between your comment and a response.

My favorite examples (because they're so straightforward and easy to see) are Leon the Professional (the transformational point, where he pushes Matilda into the hole and stays behind, is a brilliant work of both writing and cinematography) and the Bourne Identity (the one with Matt Damon). Although the Bourne Identity is more subtle and put into subtext since it moves so quickly.

You can get a copy of the Bourne Identity (script by Tony Gilroy) at the dailyscript if you'd like to read it. It's a fast, easy read.

I'm not sure what genre you read in, but one of my favorite books is Mirror Dance by Lois McMaster Bujold. Mark's transformational arc is amazingly well-drawn. I suspect I've read it at least thirty times. I also enjoy the multi-book arc in the Dresden Files. Harry (despite a little sputtering in the last few books) had an almost incredibly well-written arc from Storm Front to Small Favor. I'm also a fan of Sam Vime's arc in Night Watch by Terry Pratchett., now you know that I read a lot of sci-fi/fantasy, lol. :) If you tell me what genre you read in, I probably can give you better examples. I read almost everything.

and de nada, you're very welcome. I enjoy the arc. It's my favorite subject.