Saturday, June 16, 2007

Part Two, plot threads and subplots

...or why do my thoughts come in twos right now? They should be a long, organized train with little ramifications and fences--and divisions and stuff. Probably REALLY tired.

So anyway, never did answer my own question.

If Tris's Dad, over the course of my world building, becomes superfluous,, a subplot--is he really needed in this book? Does the subplot, in other words, reinforce the theme of the book? Oh, hell no. He doesn't, and it doesn't, and I'm up sh*t creek sans a paddle because now I need some way to make Tris move into the position I need him to be in to make the story run and I've go to back to thinking. *shudder* horrible thought. Yeah, that was a run on sentence.

I guess this is about letting go.

How important is it to keep what you wrote?

Not really.

Maybe it's better to open a seperate file and stick all the bits in there. I keep paper, and it's getting messy. I should take my own advice. I'm such a twerp sometimes.

Books grow and change. Whatever you write about plot and structure growing into what needs to be there to make the whole work. It's like that team thing. Sometimes, you need all the people, sometimes you need to get rid of a certain person, or he'll (she'll? I'm not gender specific) drag down the group and cause problems.

Maybe I just wanted Lance to be in there somewhere. I mean, I have this whole world in my head and that backstory is killing me trying to get out.

Sometimes less is more.

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