Get in Touch!

Get in Touch!

If you'd like to reach me, I  facebook a couple of times a week, so if we're Facebook friends, just PM me. If we're "linkedin", yeah, well--I'm not much of a LinkedIn person, so I might not have noticed you tried to talk to me. Leaving a comment on my google+ profile usually gets to me quickly, and so does email.

jodi  henley @ g mail . com

Talk to you soon!


Cheryl Martin said...

I purchased your writing ebook and am enjoying it so far. Is there a checklist for YA fantasy like the checklists of what readers want at the beginning? It would be nice to have more checklists! :D Also found 2 typos one says JR Rowling instead of JK and one says Regan instead of Reagan. Hope that helps. LOL Take care!

Jodi Henley said...

Hi Cheryl! I sincerely hope this gets back to you. :) I know it's a little late.

Thanks for finding the typos! I totally made a friend promise to look at my next book with an eagle eye in exchange for some very good chocolate and a bottle of wine. (bribes are always good! :) )

No, I didn't do a YA checklist, but I'm happy to think about one and post it for you. I think you're right and more checklists would be a good thing. Thanks for stopping by to ask a question. I appreciate it. :)


Anonymous said...

YOU, lady, are a godsend. Just reading your blogs inspires me. I am ranting (in a good way) to my husband about your jewels of advice. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with us. Jan

Jodi Henley said...

lol, Jan :) You are very welcome (and I'm very sorry I didn't see your comment until now) I love talking about craft! Feel free to ask anything, okay? I love questions, although sometime they take awhile to get to depending on what's going on in my life