Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I live in a...pretty nice place

The first time I ever drove through my town, a cop trailed me down the street and back out again. Having never lived in a small town, I totally freaked; I liked the scenery though. This place is pure eye candy each and every time I drive the incredibly long commute back and forth to work. Rainier on the horizon or not, clouds in weird geometric shapes like they've been photoshopped, the Cascades in real close, full-on color behind me and in front of me and stretching as far as the eye can see.

My kid tells me we live in the Cascade lowlands, which I didn't know. I thought we lived in the foothills. Maybe that's why it's so cold up here.

There are some drawbacks--I hate allergy season. And the smell of cow pies is overwhelming when it's not cold enough to keep it down. But I've gotten used to the cops, and once they realized I lived here, they leave me alone even when I roll into town at midnight. It's a nice place to live--like a time warp where you can step into and out of the seventies, and little kids still ride around exploring, people go to the library, every obeys the speed limit and the entire town ends up at Homecoming and the Christmas parade, which is not called the Holiday parade.

Today, I was working on my workshop when there were sirens and flashing lights outside my window. There was a fire nearby about a month ago and I ran to the window, expecting the worse.

Turns out it was the entire fire department, all decked out in holiday gear, complete with Santa Claus on a throne on top of the fire truck, caroling and handing out candy to any kid who went outside. I can still hear them off in the distance. I think they're covering the entire town.

God, I love this place. The drive is worth it.


books4me said...

Jodi, I LOVE small towns! Since a teen on, I have lived in a small town and I wouldn't have it any other way! It's so much more personal and you just know so many people. The folks at the local coffee shop know me by name and ask about my family. I can't imagine living anywhere else but in a small town!!

deanna said...

Great post about your town. Thanks for making the drive to visit me last week! I'm so glad to have met you in 3D. :o)

Kristen Koster (Kaige) said...

I miss small towns like that!

wordver: urnism -- the religion of worshipping urns?

Pat Marinelli said...

Jodi, please contact me at PatMarinel @ I have a question about your short story class. Thanks.

Alison said...

I would love to live a a small town. Yours sounds great...well, except for the smell of cow pies. LOL.

jodi said...

Books, I love this small town. Although as allergy season draws closer, I'm kind of rethinking that, but it's nothing a hepa filter won't cure.

Deanna, I was so glad to meet you. You're as lovely in real life as you are on your blog.

urnism, Kaige? lol. Happy Holidays!

Hi Alison, you're right--as the temperature goes up (to a whopping 45!) the smell of llama pies is getting really strong. I hate to think what the first couple days of real thaw are going to smell like.