Saturday, November 26, 2011

December workshop on plot analysis

I'm getting ready to move some preliminary groundwork over to a yahoo group, although the workshop won't happen until January. Back when I first posted the page I thought a longer format would work, but after doing two weeks during short story structure, I've come to the conclusion I'm not really about a month long course. If I can't keep my enthusiasm for two weeks, there's no way I can do four.

One week, in the middle of January. (date to be announced) Come when you can, participate or just lurk. No structured homework unless you want to do it, although I'll hand it out as an option.

Story structures, why they work, how to "see" them. Various bits of structure that kind of spin it around a little--prologues, bookends and stuff. Plot points, how to understand and use them. Invisible words and events, and what needs to be there and what is probably optional. And most of all--how to understand and work with voice and intent. Story-doctoring 101. Totally free. There might be openings if I can't get in touch with the people listed below.

Drop me an email so I know you're coming (or lurking or just picking up the handouts) jodihenley @

1. Kaige (confirmed)
2. Kathryn (confirmed)
3. Clothdragon (confirmed)
4. Eva (confirmed)
5. Hailey (confirmed)
6. cmtorrens(confirmed)
7. Jeannene(confirmed)
8. Sasha (confirmed)
9. Skylar
10. Julie D. (confirmed)
11. Deanna (confirmed)
12. Janet (confirmed)
13. Vicky Gresham (confirmed)
14.  Orion Lyonesse (confirmed)
15. Alison Packard (confirmed)

Alright. Registration is closed. Thank you for your interest.


Hailey Edwards said...

I'm ready! I'm ready! Did anyone else just have a Spongebob moment?

jodi said...

lol, Hailey. I hope "I" won't have a Spongebob moment with this. I'm glad you'll be there. :)