Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sideways rain and a little bit of time

It's been a long while, a phrase I feel like getting engraved on a stamp or something. Much as I love my blog--and I've backed it up numerous times since I never want to lose it--there are months when I just really don't want to talk about anything, and other months when I have consulting gigs and workshops scheduled too close together. I can only handle so many one hour nights before I do an entire week face down on a pillow, and a non-talking month and a workshop month one after the other makes it look like I died or something. And it's strange, but I let go of my domain name, and for some reason a massage person bought it. Very weird. I'm guessing they're also named Jodi Henley. I mean, why buy a named domain if that isn't your name? I tried checking their "about me" but maybe they want to keep it quiet since whoever runs it calls themselves massage admin. It's almost as strange as finding out every other Jodi Henley in the world has blonde hair, which is just strange in itself.

I'm reworking the content of my workshops. Not that I don't love the material, it's just that I get so many repeats I feel guilty talking about the same things. Craft is interconnected so I'm often using stuff from one workshop in aspects of another, or maybe it's just the way I view things, I don't know. But it feels like a cheat and I don't like the feeling. I do most of my "thinking" in the deconstructions, so I plan on doing Dune sometime next year. I could use a little thought on epic structure, multiple threads and...lol, yeah. More about arcs. It's strange. I spent so much time studying arcs and figuring out how they work I never thought a workshop on them would turn into my most popular offering, but anyway. One thing I've noticed over the last couple of months (after doing Emotional Structure) is how hard it is for people to put emotional components in their work. I suspect a lot of it has to do with not wanting to get all manipulative.

I've been tired and a little depressed. Maybe it's just Seattle. We're headed into winter and it's been gray, rainy and windy. The wind is blowing outside and whipping the rain sideways--a good thing since it cleans my windows.

Funny how I always give people advice about what to talk about on their blogs--their interests, mostly. Knitting, animals, cooking. And I have nothing to talk about but craft since that's my passion. I have a little time off at the end of the week. My kid already informed me I'd be crazy to do Black Friday and she's right, I'd rather do my shopping on-line, so I plan on puttering around in "Velma" and doing another post on practical emotional structure. Maybe work up a powerpoint or something and mess with my next video on lol--the transformational arc.


Kristen Koster (Kaige) said...

I was just about to check in on you again! *hugs* I wondered if you'd slid off the mountain with all the rain you guys have been getting.

jodi said...

nah, although it's been flooding badly. Luckily I'm out of the flood plain. :)

Alice said...

Rain sideways almost seems weird. Apparently wind is stronger than Isaac Newtons Law of gravity. HA.

I'm patiently waiting for your class at Savvy Authors next week.

Arlee Bird said...

Maybe you're tired and a little depressed because you're working too much. I'm tired and a little depressed because I'm not working and that's really starting to suck. I never seem to run out of things to blog about and I guess that's good--but maybe not.

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