Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Free! I like free....

A very long time ago, (way before I started my plot blog posts, lol) I was weighing the benefits of money v. going to a local writer's conference. I decided on the conference, where I listened to two workshops, pitched to a publisher that had just opened and closed soon after--and ate chicken. I suspect if you google the phrase "writer's conference", there'll be a picture of a boneless skinless chicken breast on a bed of mush, I mean polenta. Or maybe it's just me. I have RWA chicken pictures going back for years.

While I was researching I noticed one of the chapter members had co-founded a website for romance writers. There are lots of RWA loops and I already belonged to KOD, the Kiss of Death, which of course--had their own loops, but you had to belong--pay national dues, chapter dues. Put in time so people would talk to you. And this place was free.

I joined and never left. Like a lot of other people I consider it my chapter. Unlike any other on-line group I've known, it's troll-free and flame resistant. It's a good sign that out of the six people who joined at the same time as me, two are still there. We've all grown and changed. RD isn't just a place, it's an incubator, hatching people who are web-savvy and industry forward.

They're having a free (don't you just love that "free" word?) conference next week, to coincide with RWA Nationals and you're more than welcome to join and attend the workshops.

There are lots of FREE doorprizes. Thanks to the generosity of Divas, Joey W. Hill--who was kind enough to help us out--savvyauthors, Angela James of Carina, Jen Traveler of Audiolark, The Wild Rose Press, Freya's Bower, and vaiadesigns, we have enough goodies to run door prizes every single hour, day and night, for the length of the conference.

So come on over. You might never leave.

Not Going to RWA NY?

Attend Romance Divas' Annual Not Going to Conference Conference Instead!

June 28-July 1

Where??? On your computer!

Romance Divas annual virtual conference features workshops, publisher spotlights, pitch-your-book opportunities, fabulous doorprize giveaways and more.

It's FREE!

And nobody says you can't wear pjs while you're recharging your writer batteries from home.

LIKE the NGTCC on Facebook for future updates in 2012 and beyond.


Kathryn Scannell said...

Looks interesting. I just went and signed up.

FYI, the facebook link doesn't work though - it says the page isn't found. And the link to Romance Divas in the text following the graphics has an extra quotation mark at the end that makes it not work unless you edit it in your browser.

jodi said...

damn it. I'll check the link and fix it. :( Thanks, Kathryn!

jodi said...

alright! Should be okay now. Thanks again. :) I think you'll like it. They're a good group.

Brenda ND said...

Hey, thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.