Thursday, June 16, 2011

I suspect it's nothing

But I've been wondering why we've been getting so many tremors. I live on a mountain--not that it's lahar central, but it's close enough. There'd be a few days warning, sort of like Mt. St. Helens, but--what's up with all the 2.7 quakes in Shoreline?

"Gentle shaking??"

Anything strong enough to feel isn't gentle shaking. It's sort of...clustering. Not that I'm panicked or anything, but with this 5.2 quake in Alaska it sounds like the PNW is headed for a good sized quake really soon. Just hope it's thirty years down the road.


Kaige said...

I know what you mean about "If I can feel it, it's not nothing!" But it's definitely part of SoCal living too. Often my mom will call and ask if I felt a quake on the news and I'm sitting there drawing a blank. Looking at the recent quakes page, we're always surrounded by lots of little ones.

May the big ones ALL be well in the future though... I agree.

jodi said...

I suspect we've been getting clusters. I "know" my bookshelves don't just shake and the mountain isn't far. It figures they'd grow stronger now that I've moved closer--it's just so pretty.

I hope it's a long ways in the future too.

deanna said...

I hear you. This ring of fire thing makes you wonder...but I hope no quakes or firey things happen anywhere near you (or me)!

Hailey Edwards said...

I don't know how I'd handle the ground shaking beneath my feet. I've often wondered if that's better/worse than the tornadoes we get down here. At least tornadoes are the known, but after the season we've had...I don't know. I might be willing to trade.

Stay safe!