Wednesday, September 15, 2010 and stuff

It's been a week. Exactly seven days, give or take a few hours, since I wrecked my car. My fault, I know. Not much I can say about going too fast on 512, home of the Puyallup demolition derby. I was headed toward the Fair and everyone else was headed to Sumner.

If I hadn't froze. If I'd had faster reflexes. If I'd just started out at a different time, or decided against taking a part-time job. I wanted to get my kid a birthday present. Something nice. And the Fair was an easy fifteen days, with a start and end time. No commitments. I blogged when I got home, all depressed and hurting. No car, no money. Dependent on my kid for a ride. No sick days.

I once asked Luke, "If I'm so smart, why do I have a crappy, go-nowhere job?" And he said, "It's not about how smart you are. It's about life choices."

I wouldn't trade my kids for the world, but sometimes the only thing in your corner is pigheadedness, and I have that in spades. I applied everywhere. For all the jobs I didn't want. I went back to school to escape restaurants, but the world--or at least "this" world, doesn't need another entry-level accountant. On the other hand, it does need cooks, and a good line cook is like gold. A solid, kick-ass grill is ruby-studded platinum.

My accident was on Tuesday. I had a new job on Thursday. Six weeks of vacation. Paid holidays. Forty five guaranteed hours every single week. I've doubled up, transitioning out of my old job, and it hurts. It's been a long time since I've played Superman.


Kaige said...

Glad you're seeing the silver lining. Besides, now you can always add it to your contemporary scene fodder in a convincing way, including how your perception of it shifts with time since you've nicely documented it all here.

Still sending good, healing thoughts your way.

deanna said...

So, if I read that right, you're working two jobs while injured, and just living for six(!) weeks of vacation?

I guess no one need tell you your life isn't boring. Hang in there and heal soon.

jodi said...

thanks Kaige, you're right. It's good to have documentation because it's already starting to blur over. And the job "is" good. Or it will be once there's only one of them and neither are trying to kill me.

One, 'cause they're angry I'm leaving, and two, because they want me to prove myself. *sigh*

uhm...yeah. lol, Deanna. Yes, I'm still hurting, (badly now that I'm doing my Superman routine) with two jobs, and they're running me ragged.

But the benefits and money...ahh.

Only another few weeks and I'll start getting paychecks and life will be good.

(y'know? a nice boring life would be good too) :)

Unhinged said...

Lots of things occurred to me while reading this post and the comments. And opinionated person that I am, I must share.

1. Try, try HARD, to save the what ifs for writing. It's okay to eff up. Plus, it makes for great writing/reading.

2. LOVE Luke's answer. The older I get, the more I realize how life IS all about the choices I make and have made.

3. I once took a job as a telemarketer (which I really, really did not want to do) because the company was new and there were all sorts of opportunities for "new" positions within the company. I left that company as an Editorial Coordinator. :-P

4. The new job's benefits (and your comment that you like it) make that job worth holding onto--and a priority. It makes me secondhand pissed that the job you're leaving is angry. I mean, c'mon. You were under no obligation to even give them NOTICE, and you're under no obligation to continue there just to help them out.

They seem to be showing little or no understanding of that, or of the fact you were just in an accident. So I say get out as fast as you can. Don't buy stress. Get rid of it.

Andi's unsolicited work here is done.

{{ hugs }}

Hailey Edwards said...

Ugh. I hate you're having to prove yourself on the new job while being shown the door at the old one.

That would put a hurting on anyone, let alone someone with your current bumps and bruises.

On the upside, it sounds like you've found a good thing once the dust settles.

And it's kind of too bad you've already found a new car since the Epic Black Car was such a fun discovery.

liana laverentz said...

Who's Luke? I feel like I've missed a beat or two hundred...

azteclady said...

Oh my God, Jody, I didn't know you'd been in such a bad accident!

I am so very glad you are okay--without any major damage to your person, at least.

And it's great that you got a good job (((Jody))) Hang in there!

*sending good healing vibes*

jodi said...

Thanks, Andi. :)

Liana, Luke is just someone I worked with a long time ago. :)

Azz, thanks for dropping by and thanks for the hug. :)

Hailey, yeah. It's been a long haul. *sigh*