Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not quite three weeks out

It's my first day off since the accident. "Yesterday" was actually my first day, but I got home on Friday, hit the bed with my face and didn't get up until a few hours ago, so today it is. Seventeen days without a break. Stressed out, sore and hurting. My chest still aches. Probably from all the upper body work I've been doing. Like Russell Crowe pretending his hand wasn't broken in Cinderella Man, I've been muscling boxes and doing the two-handed Ginzu chopper.

With my old job trying to kill me, and my new job trying to kill me--it's been a long haul. Thank God, I'm through the transition. My new boss lost interest two days ago, and thank God for that, too. The last thing I need is someone trying to see how far he can push me. I fit in like I've been there forever, "and" I don't have a car payment, which means that I haven't just doubled my money, but added a couple hundred dollars back into my bill money.

On the down-side, my car still smells like baby powder, and my thumbs feel like sausages. Because I'm using them, they haven't had a chance to heal.

I also called my mom and asked if anything seemed odd. I've been having a hard time thinking and I'd started to wonder if being thrown around rattled my brain. She told me it was probably stress and the new job, and most of the words came back last night so she's probably right. I like the new job because it's nonstop. Go in, run, then it's time to go. There isn't a lot of time for deep thoughts or practicing my videos.

On the other hand, I've been connecting with people--talking about Word Find and Jumble. These people love Jumble. I can't do a Jumble to save my life. And Word Find is beyond me. Something about looking for words in a block of letters makes my brain spaz. Chimney? Backwards and upside down? Can't do it.

I've never been able to do it. Not even back in fourth grade when the teacher would hand out the "fun" worksheets.

I did manage a trip to the farmer's market, since I discovered some were open during the early evening.


deanna said...

Transition finished, yes! Interesting things happening for you; sure hope they keep going well, and that your thumbs heal soon. :o)

jodi said...

you and me both, Deanna. Typing with no thumbs is very awkward. And I spend a lot of time praying. Not as much as I should, I know. But as much as I can. :)

Hailey Edwards said...

Good deal. You need some time off to recover. Even if it is in 24 hr increments.

I've been hitting the local farmer's market. Ours will end this Thursday, though. :(

Kaige said...

Hope each day is seeing you healed just a little more and the new job's going well.

It probably won't surprise you that I love word puzzles. Yes, definitely falls under that "Must. Solve. Puzzle." thing. Drove my kids nuts with those place mats at restaurants with word searches and scrambles. "What, you haven't FOUND it yet?" "No, mom... Can I have a hint?" "No. It's in plain sight." And yes, I was usually looking at it upside down.

I should remember to go visit our farmer's market here on Tuesday. I keep driving by as they're all packing up.

jMo said...

Geez, I'm glad you're on FB or this would have all been a pretty unpleasant surprise. Just take care of yourself.
This room used to smell like baby powder, now everything smells like burnt sesame oil and kitchen cleanser.