Saturday, September 11, 2010

Three days after

I still can't get the pictures off my phone, but my kid probably can, once I pin him down. I love Geico. It's been nothing but a pleasure. They took care of everything. I don't have a car, but the process could have been a lot worse. Probably the reason I've stuck with them for so long.

My car was totaled. The Verizon truck's trailer hitch went through the radiator and pushed the engine back until it hit the fire wall. When I went down to get my stuff out of the trunk, the collision guy showed me where they had to pry it apart to get the mileage counter out, and where the engine compartment peeled away from the frame. He also showed me where my knee had gone through the kick panel.

Funny how I didn't feel that.

I still don't, even though I have a bruise the size of an egg on my kneecap.

Adrenaline and determination kept me going for the last couple of days and abruptly ran out. I crashed like an elephant in a Ferris Wheel. Eighteen hours, straight through. My chest still hurts, and the marks on my shoulder look like rope burns. I also have badly bruised ribs, elbows, wrists and thumbs.

I'm glad I took pictures, because I've had to show them each time people ask why I'm moving so slow. Not that "I" think I'm moving too slow. I'm still faster than a lot of people, but it's been a long day and I really need to lie down.


Unhinged said...

Ho-lee cow, Jodi. Reading about your poor body, scary. It must have been quite a hit if you've got seat belt burns, and bruises from the air bag! I can't believe after that, you were able to run away from the car. I'm glad you survived, though.

I remember the time I was in a head-on collision (during a snow storm when we were both going maybe 10 or 15 mph). Nothing like seeing you're GOING TO CRASH and knowing you can't escape. Thank the flying spaghetti monster we weren't going faster.

What scared me the most was hearing what I thought was a gun shot. It was the air bags. The air inside my car was filled with their powder and smoke. I was a blubbering mess. I LOVED that car and he was bleeding green all over the snow. (Totaled. Mainly due to the cost of repacking the air bags.)

I bet you're having some pretty psychedelic dreams. Vicodin is tuh evil.

{{{ hugs }}}

Hailey Edwards said...

It's amazing how much you don't feel/don't remember during an accident. My husband was sideswiped and his car rolled across two lanes of interstate traffic. The air bag hit him in the side of the face, so he was swollen but nothing was broken.

When I met him at the hospital he said, "It wasn't that bad."

The next day we went to pick up some of our daughter's toys and I almost died. The car was flat as a pancake except for a bump right where he'd been sitting.

He was pretty shocked to see it too. So I get it.

I'm just glad you got some rest and hope you're back to 100% soon.

Kaige said...

Oh my gosh! I'm glad you're only a bit shaken and a bit bruised! And yes, shame on me for not checking in on you sooner!

*gentle hugs just in case!*

jodi said...

lol, Andi, Vicodin is the bomb diggity--at least when you need to get some sleep. I know exactly what you mean when you said, "knowing you're going to crash."

omg, I totally froze, I've been thinking and thinking it through. The skid marks and way everything looked, and I think the three seconds I froze were the reason I hit so hard. By the time I realized traffic was at a stop I couldn't brake fast enough.

Believe me, I'm glad I could run away, too. *sniffle* It was dark gray. I made the guy who sold it to me send to another dealership to get a dark gray car. Damn it.

btw, been thinking about you.

(((hugs back)))

Hailey, I'm already starting to think I'm tweaking as I go. "This" happened and "that" happened. I'm glad I blogged it a couple hours after it happened.

And I'm very glad your husband was alright. :)

I'm trying to get some rest. It's not working though.

*waving* Hey, Kaige

we talk, it's okay. :) I haven't been blogging a lot. Trying to, and suffering from angst. One day I'm going to have to get outside and walk or something, get my mind all cleared out.

I'm better than I was, and it's been a blessing in a way. :)