Thursday, July 29, 2010

RWA Orlando Day 2

It was a sad, miserable very expensive breakfast. The bagel was cold, hard, and stale enough to crumble. I spent 4 dollars for it and want to kick myself. If I'm going to eat stale baked goods, I'd rather eat a stale croissant. Tomorrow they have continental breakfast and I have mediocre hopes. At least it's free. There's a lot to be said for free stale bagels.

There was such a line for the opening lunch it wrapped around the lobby, down the hall, around the corner and looped around again so people wouldn't have to wait on the escalators. I know some people were there to see Nora, but most of them were there for the free lunch. Caesar salad, fake looking rolls which I'll have to take a picture of tomorrow. The basket always has three french rolls, a multigrain, and some random looking scone with a piece of fruit on it. Iced tea--because it's included, and coffee. People ate so fast, I was afraid for my hands.

Then...the chicken came out.
Everyone stopped. That yellow stuff was actually bright green--the color is off. The woman sitting next to me asked the server what it was and she said, "Green things." It was gritty, and the carrot was like a rock. Although the mini squash (2 inches square) was tasty.

Guess it didn't matter, since we were all waiting for Nora.
...a good thing since she was the Keynote speaker.

Cool keynote. She said people liked her because she swore, and yeah--she was right because people taked about her "hard" references (she said "eat the hard") until the workshops let out.

It got dark fast. Maybe I've grown used to the West Coast, because nightfall came too early.

...although sunset was cool.

And I found cheap food. Thank God. Over the bridge in the Boardwalk.


Hailey Edwards said...

Yay for cheap food! It's definitely hard to find on Disney property.

I saw a lot of tweets go out today with Nora quotes. My favorite was, "It's not harder today. It's always been hard. It will always be hard..."

I needed to hear that. I needed to remember it never gets easier. Not if you care about the product you're putting out there.

jodi said...

Very true. :)

deanna said...

Beautiful pictures and funny (though somewhat sad) stories. I hope the bagels get better. :o)

jodi said...

in some ways, the conference is very sad. The bagels got worse, but the banana bread got better. :)

Victoria Janssen said...

I love your sunset pics.

jodi said...

Thanks Victoria. :)