Thursday, July 29, 2010

RWA Day 1 continued with Diva karaoke

To my ever lasting disgust--my camera took a nose dive and when I picked it up again there were some missing pictures. Everything I shot at the autographing. Including the picture where I made Jess Granger smile and wave to Hailey. I'm sure she thought I was totally weird. *sigh*

She was just as nice as her mentor thread and showed up later for Diva karaoke--where, since I thought I had a picture of her, I didn't bother taking anymore. The autographing was...interesting. At the end of many long halls, tucked away in some corner that turned out to be a ballroom big enough for two football fields.

I took a picture of the ultimate promo. Which of course I don't have--but, some author took all the water bottles the hotel gave her row and stacked them in front of her books. When people sidled over to check out the water, she'd talk them into buying her book and hand them a bottle. Smart woman. That room was hot.

Later, I totally freaked out the manager of Kimono's. I'd bargained for a fifteen top with potential for expansion. The party grew so fast, he couldn't keep up. We occupied the entire middle of the restaurant and spilled into two overflow tables. To give him credit, he did a great job trying to fit everyone in. The restaurant was a lot smaller than we'd expected.
This was still a little early. Funny, looking back on it, I remember everyone in different places. I think we did musical chairs.
Mike Myers got up to sing Summer Lovin' with the Divas.
Leia Rice and--unless she tells me who she is so I can fix it--an unidentified diva ...
And...Baby got Back.
....guess I really do have a conscience. 'cause I have video all burned to a CD. If Keri wants it out there, she'll have to upload it herself.


Mel Francis said...

dude....i really do got back. dammit.

jodi said...

lol, you can have Keri burn you a copy. It's way better in moving, screaming action. But...all the better to grab on to right?

Keri Ford said...

Lol! That's fantastic!

And post the video! I want to see it!

If I flashed some hind-end cheek put it in steamy at divas pls!

Victoria Janssen said...

I am SO SAD I missed Diva Karaoke. But I was so tired I could barely string two words together. Looks like everybody had a great time!