Wednesday, July 28, 2010

RWA Orlando day 1

It's been a long sticky day. I might like the South, but I don't like the humidity. It seeped up out of the boarding tunnel like a face full of wet sauna towels. Security going back was so crowded, I"m glad I decided to get there early Sunday.
That's a killer line, and that's just the back of it. *sigh* There must have been at least twelve lines sixty deep, and one person checking IDs at the front. It was hot outside, and I got lost looking for the shuttle, because--yeah, well, they didn't do a good job with signage.
Wonderful signs.

The hotel was pretty...I'm looking for a word and only coming up with ostentious, but it works in a very Miami Vice meets Disney kind of way.
It's a huge, long, very long--extremely and a day, long walk from the Swan to the Dolphin across this long walkway.
Registration was fairly empty, although what's up with the booths? I felt like I was at a carnival or something. Very weird.

I got to meet Jeannie and Gwen.
Jeannie, who isn't just talented, but an overachiever made ruby slippers out of cookie dough. They were even better close up. Later, I checked out the lobby bar.

Every chair was full.


Emily Ryan-Davis said...

Seeing Jeannie's smiling face besides someone other than me is suddenly bringing on the "wish I were there" feelings I'd managed to keep at bay. :) Thanks for blogging, I look forward to tomorrow's report!

jodi said...

lol, Emily. I enjoy blogging the conference. You're very welcome. :)

Michelle(MG) Braden said...

Take that photo down! Yuk. Zombie MG "mmmmmm"

Victoria Janssen said...

Thanks for reporting. Maybe I will actually get to see you!

jodi said...

maybe...still a lot of the conference to go. :)

lol, MG. You look gorgeously Amazonish. But...if you really insist.

Michelle (MG) Braden said...

Sorry Cup - was kind of joking. I was way overtired when I posted last night. Didn't actually expect you to take it down! LOL

Even though I did look like a zombie. :-)

Hailey Edwards said...

I feel your pain. I love Orlando, but the humidity will kill you. And I've always thought the Swan and Dolphin were, well, not pretty. I didn't realize they weren't Disney owned, though.

Disney should have booked RWA at the Contemporary. Sure, it's unpretty too, but there's the monorail. Wheee!

Mima said...

i love it when you blog conferences. between you and victoria i'll get ready for next year.