Monday, May 31, 2010

There I was, working on my videos (again), trying really hard to condense things into sound bites. Looks like it's going to take a another few days--it's like writing back story. I've been backing up, wondering if it works. Stumbling on things I know cold--and don't get me started on the whole marker/whiteboard thing. I didn't realize it'd be so hard to get my arm up.

I was going to be the organic plot thing, then I figured I'd start with character and then it backed up to core events.

I might just do an audio instead. "Close your eyes and pretend you see my spiffy hair..."


deanna said...

Happy Memorial Day, Jodi. May you be encouraged amid memories and future plans (and may schoolwork be over with soon). :o)

jodi said...

:) Thank you, Deanna. Happy Memorial day to you, too. Have a wonderful day with your family.