Friday, May 28, 2010, harder than I thought, between the last few weeks of school. (DIE!! evil homework) and gearing up for the next workshop, I've been working on my youtube videos. I got a video camera and tripod--everything I need to be self-sufficient. But wow...

It's hard.

Very hard. It's not like I'm going to stand in front of the camera and read off a sheet of paper. I trust people to read for themselves. I want to do some value-added. Couple of diagrams, watch Jodi scribble on the whiteboard. Stuff like that.

After...oh, the twentieth run-through I was starting to wonder if maybe I had it wrong, and that probably says something about my obsessive compulsive behavior, but I really had this great mental image of standing in front of a whiteboard, looking all spiffed up and snazzy--new haircut, decent clothes--and rocking the craft world. Yeah, hair looked good. And after a quick change, I didn't look the extra fifty pounds. But omg, was I boring? Yeah. That was me, being boring. I was so boring I had to shut it down. Although the last three videos where I stomped back to the camera swearing made me wonder why I have friends.

I'm not sure I'd want to be friends with someone who looked like she kills snakes with her bare teeth. I should have stopped at fifteen.

When I got home, because being all overly controlling I had a location mapped out and everything--I took another look at my footage. Other than the "she kills snakes" look, it wasn't all that bad. Just not something I want people to see yet. It was so, I dunno--institutional? So very...yeah. I keep stumbling back to boring.

Bear with me, because I'm still feeling my way. I have enthusiasm. I'm hyperactive, overbearing, way too loud and all this stuff? It's not boring. It's cool, and neat, and all those great adjectives, and it "works"--which, imho, is the best thing about it. I want to get that across, and I can't do that if I'm lulling people to sleep with my fantastic drone.


Hailey Edwards said...

The old "she kills snakes with her bare teeth" look, eh?

I can't be that bad. lol

Did I miss something? (Entirely possible.) Are you going to swap over to videos for you classes?

jodi said...

no, just as a added-thing. I figured there's this disconnect between theory and practice and it'd probably work better if I explained it in person. I just need to figure out how to do it. :)