Thursday, April 8, 2010


The new Jim Butcher just arrived on my doorstep--Harry has a kid!! And I don't have time to read it. *sigh*  *big unhappy frustrated sigh* Okay, I did read the first five pages and had to force myself to put it down. What's up with Harry acting weirdly confused and Mac talking? Did a co-writer opt-in? Is it supposed to be that way? How cool is it that Harry's going to South America??! AND, he might let his power loose and turn to the dark side. Yes--I'm a Dresden geek, and have been since...I dunno, since the series started and I saw it sitting next to the Bujold books.

Anyway, I also got the new Liaden novel. Daav has a daughter and she doesn't know she's Clan Korval? Got to read that, too. Along with the fifty gazillion other things on my tbr list, after I do my to-do list. After the workshop this weekend, after Excel, after that class on HR and after (making a face) Business Law.

I've been to Canada twice, once to say I'd been--and I totally freaked. It was so weird, close--yet not. Just different enough to me feel like I was in the Twilgiht Zone or something. And the second time to get my kid "roasted chicken and gravy flavored" chips.

It should be fun--and I'll take pictures. :)


Kaige said...

DH brought it home earlier this week. Why haven't I picked it up? Oh, hey why didn't you remind me about your workshop? Good thing I saw it on the Rose's Colored Glasses loop. Looking forward to it!

jodi said...

Hi Kaige! It's obviously because you know reading the Jim Butcher book will suck a lot of time out of your day. :) Uhm...damn it. You know this means I'm going to have to tweak the workshop, right? :)

Hailey Edwards said...

I cannot wait to sit down and read Changes. Life has stopped me so far, but this week I have a date with Harry.

I am spoiler free besides the daughter comment--I blame Jim and Twitter for that one--and just really, really need to revisit that world and make sure all my friends there are doing alright.

Kaige said...

Nah, no tweaking required. I just need to get back in the routine again.

DH beat me to the Butcher. *snap* At least he'll be done with it quickly.