Tuesday, January 19, 2010


If I haven't found a wonderful, well-paying job to support me and my kid, at least I'm not stressing school anymore. Still tired, but it's mostly a really bad case of the flu. Funny how I had to get better to get sick.

I'm halfway through my Excel tutorial. (Which is taking enormous amounts of time) I'm mentally set to work through small-groups later today (having all my homework done helps.) And I blew through my discussion response to Amy Tan in English class.

That was funny.

There I was, talking about Amy Tan and everyone gives me this huge, "what the hell are you talking about?" stare. And now we're dissecting Amy Tan? Nice.

I kept it short and succinct, deleted all trace of opinion and I think it's going to fly. Big relief. I'm so happy. I could feel myself tensing up when I went there, but I knew it was just old memories and triggers. A little bit of counseling on the issue would probably help.

I'm doing that tomorrow. I might not want to explore Jack's death and all this retraining, but there are some issues I need a little help with. The English thing, because I know I have some triggers there, and why the non-performers in my group bother me so much. Maybe just an ear and potential solutions to my "almost done, now what?" angst.

I put some applications in today. Nothing in my new field. If I'm going to tell people what to do, I might as well get paid. In a few weeks, it'll be the year of the Tiger, and I'm a Tiger. Supposedly being a Tiger in a Tiger year is bad luck. But, since my lucky element is fire, I'll be better off financially.

No clue. Maybe, maybe not. But I did buy a huge brick of radish cake, taro cake and I'm going to make enough gau to choke a horse. Maybe buy some lettuce and oranges. I need the money.


deanna said...

I did a few counseling sessions after my daughter moved away the first time, because I found myself rather stuck. And she only moved across town. So. Those sessions helped me see things I'd have never come up with on my own, despite an over-working mind and imagination. I hope it goes well for you. :o)

Kaige said...

Sending lots of fiery thoughts your way. Hope the flu passes quickly. Glad to hear school's a little less stressful for you. Things are wet and chaotic here as we gear up for the boy's sinus surgery next week.

jodi said...

They had to move the counseling out to next week, but I got an appointment, and it's free, so that's a good thing. I don't want this going on my permanent medical record. I hope it goes well, too. And helps. If it helps, I'll be so happy. :)

Still horribly sick, Kaige. Turns out my followup bloodwork came back almost as bad as my first bloodwork. It's hitting me hard because I'm still trying to catch up.

I'm conquering Excel. Took me long enough. :(

I hope your son's surgery goes well. :)