Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not feeling good

Just in case I disappear for a few days--not to say I haven't disappeared for entire weeks here and there--I'm not feeling too hot.

Probably just complications due to the flu or maybe just--God, I hope--pneumonia or something. The symptoms aren't looking too good, and I'm getting a little worried. Of all the times for something to go wrong, this the end all and be all of inconvenient. I've been getting the dropsies--abrupt fatigue, confusion and crashing. Shortness of breath and a whole host of other symptoms that make me wish I didn't know how to access WebMD and the Mayo Clinic. Maybe I have an infection somewhere?

Or a new allergy.

Or...I really don't know. But I'm hitting urgent care, just in case. :( After I do my Excel homework.


Alice Audrey said...

Get you butt to urgent care now! You can take the homework with you. You have a laptop, right? It isn't like you won't have time sitting around in the waiting room.

I did tell you my dh almost died of pneumonia, right? I'm not kidding. Not something to fool around with. And that dropsy stuff? Scary.

deanna said...

I hope to hear soon that you're all right. Saying a prayer for you, Jodi.

Unhinged said...

Um, YES.

We are expecting an update or email pronto-like.

jodi said...

lol, how about an update post. :) I feel so wonderful!