Thursday, November 5, 2009

Much calmer

Thank God for friends, and driving around in my car talking to myself--although I'm not sure if I'm supposed to admit that. I ate chocolate, drank lots of soda, did a little writing and listened to a fabulous RWA lecture by Christie Craig and Faye Hughes.

I'm a lecture-geek. I know most people don't come across well, but unless you have chemistry, don't lecture with a partner. Unless you have a strong personality, don't do a panel.

Most of all--unless you believe in something with your whole heart and soul, don't try to be "inspirational". Out of hundreds of lectures, I've only heard "three" inspirational lectures. Sharon Sala's "Writing is an Addiction", which I totally fan-girled over in DC because I was fortunate enough to be her moderator.

Sharon Sala is a wonderful, gracious lady and I've been reading her books since she was writing Silhouette IMs. The fact that she totally inspires me every time I listen to her "Addiction" lecture is just icing on the cake.

Barbara Keaton's "Write with Passion", which I won't lie about--I didn't listen to until I'd worked my way to the bottom of the 2008's, because I thought it was how to add sex to your single title. Talk about jump up and witness, this woman was on fire. I almost started yelling, "Amen!" (although it would have looked funny at work. It's bad enough I kept smiling. Smiling at something no one else can hear is also bad)

And "Make it Happen", by Christie Craig and Faye Hughes.


Just wow.

Christie Craig believes. And for the time I spent listening to her--when I wasn't snuffling madly--I believed, too. I need to put these three particular lectures together for those bad days when I lose faith.

And buy more chocolate. That Dove bag didn't last long.


jMo said...

You're back on the bean? At first I thought you said snuffing which I got mixed up with huffing.

jodi said...

lol, back on caffeinated candy. (the icebreaker energy mints. They taste like the old hypermints) I've realized I'm not allergic to caffeine, just some of the components. Sugar and caffeine. Can't get simpler than that.

It's nice to see you back Jeanna. :)

Kaige said...

Sorry I missed your angst over the banquet. Sucks that you felt that way. Glad the caffeine's not bothering you either. ;)

I've made a note to look up those lectures. Thanks for passing on the gems!

Wordver: soringag -- is this a gag that flies over everyone's head?

jodi said...

Kaige, I'm full of angst. Took me years to realize it wasn't just for books. It's just a bad time of year and popping this stuff on it isn't helping.

My word ver is puntier, which I'm thinking is some kind of really bad pun. :)

jMo said...

I had caffeine a few times this month...I feel like a crack ho.

Unhinged said...

If I ever managed to publish something that set enough people's undies on fire, I'd hire me a PR person.

I really WOULD rather die than talk in front of a bunch of people. My form of inspiration comes in smiles and words. WRITTEN words.