Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Synergy at the Interface

--a multi-disciplinary approach to writing.

A little on the obscure side, and a little high-falutin', but I like it. I've...er, been thinking of writing a book.


Not that kind of book, but a non-fiction, writing book, sort of like Perini's Story Magic (due out this year??) The first time I saw McKee's Story I said, "oh my God!! THAT'S where Perini got Story Magic", she translated Story into romance-speak. Anyone looking at Dunne can see I get my influences from him, sort of like Jodi=squashed up sticky ball with Dunne, Hague's lecture series and Morrell's theory of subtext rolled on the outside like sliced nuts.

I study something new each week. Really--if you take one thing away from a class or lecture, it's one thing you didn't have before, and I buy books like candy.


The Jodi Learning Theory...

Books change.

Not because they actually change-change, but what you bring to a book each time you read it is a different perspective based on who you are AT THAT POINT IN TIME. I would have chucked Dunne under my bed two years ago, sort of like I did recently with Cinematic Storytelling. BUT I know that CS is a good book. I can TELL it's a good book. I'm just not ready for it. Maybe next month, it's too early to tell.

It's why I can't read Writing down the Bones anymore, or any of the writing philosophy books. I'm not that person anymore. Right now, I'm building my toolkit, and if all you have to offer me is a hammer, move it on over--I see the guy with the nail gun.


Jennifer McKenzie said...

*nodding* That's so true. I bring something different to every book and sometimes I get introduced to something and I don't like it for a LONG time. Then one day I think "I'll read THAT" and a fav is born.
Get that nail gun honey, I'm going for the chainsaw.

Eva Gale said...

OMG, I so totally agree. And I'm building my toolkit now, too.

And you have a gift for explaining and showing theories of writing. You Very Good Chunk Wrapper Diva, you. :-)

And I feel the same way about Dunne. Now I want Hague and Morrell becuase you first rec'ed Dunne and I so needed it. You know-everything you've ever told me to get has been paradigm changing.

Alice Audrey said...

Sorry Jennifer, I already wore out the chain saw but you can borrow my blow torch.

I'm much more interested in toolkit stuff than in general writing theory these days.

And I've been planning my how-to-write book for years.

Unhinged said...

I like the way you think. Also, the way you explain it all. Makes total sense.

(Gee, you seem so learnededed.)

Machinery that requires electricity to operate scares the whatsit out of me, so just pass the tool kit. God knows I need it.