Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Is it steve, or thieve?

...I always call it steveing. No clue why. Probably back when I first started working with guys, and it was the current slang word. To steve. To steal, rob, or take without permission.


I steve pens.

Not just pens, but cool pens. Really really nifty owner less pens that people just happen to leave laying around.

I found, er, mostly found--a great Viagra pen, all purple and yellow with a little light up (insert your imagination here, yes--it was) on top, and a string of mini-mardi gras beads dangling from the grip. Then there was the Cialis pen, it had little yellow lozenges on it with Cialis picked out in neon orange.

Doctors must give them out by the handful, but it makes you wonder what kind of guy would walk around with a light-up (yes, imagination time again!) on his pen. I thought it was the hottest thing since sliced bread and I waited until it was sitting out all alone and swooped in for the snick! Oh YEAH, it went clickety-clack and lit up, and I kept clicking it and clicking it, and then it stopped. But it's still cool.

When I went to the '06 RWA conference I was in pen thief heaven. There were pens everywhere, all shapes and colors, and names and sizes and ink-types. My favorite was the Hyatt pen. For some reason there were fifty of them sitting out on an abandoned table and I grabbed handfuls and stuffed them in my handy pen-napping pouch.

I've come to the conclusion it's not the pen, it's the advertising. I can walk past a Bic with no problem, but a multi-colored pharmaceutical pen, or something that spins and lights up, or makes noise when you use it? Oh yeah.

They don't call it hog heaven for nothing.


Rebekah said...

(Random noter that wandered over from the romance forum at NaNo)

A girl I knew went to school to be a medical assistant and they handed out pens at orientation that were like syringes. it was the coolest effing pen I ever saw. I wanted to steal it from her but she was as attached to it as I would've been.

jodi said...

HA!!!!! We ALL steal pens. I think it's a writer-thing....

Eva Gale said...

An attny I know manages the estate of a deceased porn king. He also owned a dozen or so magazines. You should SEE the 'presents' she gets every year at x-mas.

The best, though, are the vibrator pens. *g*

Unhinged said...


I've never had a thing for pens, but I'll steve your soft lead pencil. I love 'em, I love 'em.

Oh. The smell of a freshly sharpened pencil still takes me back to those days when I first began writing...in longhand...hunched over my kiddie table. Pencil lead was always smeared across the inside of my inner right forearm, my palm and fingers, but I'll never forget the magic of writing in those days. I was young, ignorant of the rules of writing, and I let out all of my teenagery angst and longing with sinfully unbridled editorization!

Good stuff, good stuff.