Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Handsome guys?

I know this guy--I’ve probably mentioned him. The former SEAL. Anyway, he’s handsome like Connor is handsome--serious eye candy.

He got into it with a guy whose wife was trying to pick him up--the guy wouldn’t go away, the wife wouldn’t go away. Big fight. The poor schmuck ends up in jail on assault.

Once I got past the “OMG!!! I’ve got to take notes.” I felt sorry for him. I mean, c’mon--he’s ultra-delish and he’s got a twin. But it hit me that--I’m a writer. I write, and I pry--it hit me that I could ask this guy my burning question.

How do you keep women off you?

Because, lol--I’m on one side of the line, he’s on the other. I get to see his face when women come up and hit on him. They see his back. That look down, mouth tight look isn’t just artistic license. It’s a damned real expression. He's got to get frustrated.

But anyway--he said, “Usually I speak in a foreign language.” And I said, “Huh?” And he said, “well, I speak Gaelic and Russian, and--“ Right. I did mention he’s former military. And I--of course, thinking of Connor said, “Does it work?”

And he said, “Not always.”

Then he gets into the good stuff. The hygiene issue. ‘cause I was thinking geeky clothes and bad attitude. He says, “b.o. works better. Not taking a bath, dirty clothes. Yellow teeth.”

Now, I’m all for plot realism, but heroes--despite plot devices--brush.

Jacey choked. Something about Connor Dalfrey literally stank...


Jennifer McKenzie said...

LMAO!!! TOTALLY use it. How awesome that you got to pick his brain!
My best friend is GORGEOUS and has been most of her life. Men really go for her looks, not HER. She doesn't trust any of them to like her for her personality rather than her nice ass.
I don't envy her, honestly.

Gwen said...

Oh my, I am a little in love with this guy and I haven't even seen him. He speaks Gaelic and Russian and he thinks that would turn a woman off? Lord have mercy.

The thing that turns women off a big hunky man the fastest is if he is "too nice" or tries to hard. Sad, ain't it? I bet the ruder he tries to be, the more the chicks dig him. Tell him to try being too nice and to appear needy. Scares us away in droves.

jodi said...

lol--I pointed out my cp, Cowboy, is the nastiest, rudest guy out there. And women fall all over him. And Tim says, "women like that." But...Tim is nice, honestly. He's like GI Joe. Too good, right? And none of it matters 'cause he has killer looks. I drove down the road today wondering how he'd look without a bath and bad teeth and I think some woman would simply scrub him.

Unhinged said...

Tell him to give whoever's bothering him the silent stare of nonchalance. (Not a cold look, not an angry look, just an I don't care about you look.)

Like...a tiger's gaze. A wild animal's gaze. They're beautiful and you want to touch them, but you know if you did, they'd probably bite your hand off without being bothered to feel remorse.

I can't imagine anyone being able to take the silent look of disinterest for long...

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Oh I have to disagree. There are women (not me. Of course, CERTAINLY not me) who would find "disinterest" a challenge.
A Freakin' challenge.
Yeah, even bad teeth wouldn't save him. I have to go with Gwen's idea. Act needy. I mean STALKER needy. We might actually give a needy CUTE guy a chance.
Or maybe he could constantly talk about Star Trek. Do you think "Gorgeous" cancels "Geek"?

jodi said...

I spoke to another guy last night, and he said the same thing. Now--considering he's a guy with bad attitude, tattoos everywhere, and the body movements of a cobra I thought it would work. But his girlfriend came up and said, "well, it doesn't." And she smiles. So I said, "what if it doesn't?"

And he said, (lol, hugging on his girlfriend, who's a "nice" person)well, If I didn't want her and she wouldn't go away I'd tell one of my boys, "yo, free gang-bang."

which went a leetle too far. But did make me think...

jodi said...

lol---we cross posted.

he is a gorgeous geek. So's Cowboy--no, that's not true. He's a big, scary Cuban guy with an unfortunate interest in Trek, anime soundtracks and every other geeky thing known to guys with too many gaming systems. But Tim will go on about geek things too.

I think you're right. Cute cancels geek. At least for some people.

Alice Audrey said...

You kidding? I LOVE geek!