Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thoughts from the Nano forum...

It’s kind of weird how I’ve been sucked into the Nano maelstrom. I love the craziness of it. The here for only a month--then gone forever. Like Brigadoon disappearing into the mist.

The boards slow as it gets closer to the first, but considering how many users are on-line, it’s not a surprise. Last year, Romance was a wasteland so I hung in the “alternative” and “plot realism” sub-forums.

This year--for some strange reason, the Divas have a tangible presence. I credit AJ. She’s all over the place. I simply poke, or tell people about RD in the hopes we get people in out of the cold. It’s a hard world for romance writers. There aren’t many genres where you get put down, side-lined and laughed at because you believe in happily ever after.

Umm, then again--there aren’t many genres where you get questions like “can you have a love story without love”, and then the person goes on to talk about A) how fake romance is, or B) how they have this story, but it’s really a multi-generational/multi-couple, multi-pov, no sex, lots of sex, literary treatise on divorce or it’s got penguins in it, really I sound like Anne Tyler, and maybe I’m in the wrong forum--oops excuse me while I get out of here. Like they think we’re going to mob them with feather boas and chiffon day-dresses or something.

Those old seventies stereotypes did us a lot of harm. People can’t look past Barbara Cartland and the Valeries. My working uniform is black and there are steel toes in my boots. I’d like a grenade launcher for Christmas, and I write romance.

The chocolate is a constant, though. Yo-hoo?? Chocolatier? Bring on the bonbons...


Unhinged said...

The Romance forum was a wasteland last year?! Well, we can't have that.

I'd be there more often if I could, but the NaNo website is.





It drives me nuts. Plus my swanky signature line with the graphic it took me too friggen long to design doesn't even show up.

Whine, whine, whine. I'd rather have some wine, though.

Oh, by the way: hi, Jodi!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Yeah, you should see the looks I get for my romance. It is what it is. Curse you Barbara Cartland for your heaving bosoms and wussy heroines. Will we EVER live it down?