Thursday, October 25, 2007

What do you mean weird questions??

I’ve been running an informal poll. Okay--I’ve actually been bugging people for opinions on how to turn women off.

It’s funny because I work with guys, and ninety percent of them get this stupid look like, “why the hell would I want to turn women off?” But one guy tells me if he doesn’t want women hitting on him (and he’s good-looking, so it’s probably true) he farts and picks his nose at the same time. Then--for my viewing pleasure--he demonstrated. My God!!! It sure made ME move. Suave as hell though, the way he farted, picked his nose and stuck his hand out with a cheesy, “hey, baby...”

I think it’s a personality thing.

Extrovert versus introvert--two different approaches to the same problem. If one person alters his person and the other alters his behaviors, where do I go with Connor?

I finally got a chance to talk to Cowboy--with my transfer we can’t run up and down the line screaming plot points. It feels weird to go over to Barnes and Noble and do the “writing” thing. I drove this poor guy over in cookbooks nuts with my “I want to kill his sister, and so the sequel ends with--and by the way, what do you think Connor can carry if guns are illegal in Singapore?” And Cowboy was scrolling through my website while trying to explain what he was doing, and swearing at the wi-fi access, which isn’t free--just available. site. *sigh* Rocks big time. :)


Jeanna said...

I usually get turned off from good looking guys when they open their mouths. Stand in the corner and look gorgeous, honey.

Alice Audrey said...

Yeah, being rude or condescending will turn me off fast. I don't care how good looking. But then I like geeks. What do I know?

jodi said...

hmmm...there's a new take. Simply obnoxious might work.