Friday, August 17, 2007

Life happens

Life stinks the big one, but sometimes it gets better. I transferred out of my er...long time job, not a big change, since it's just to another branch of my long time job, but the people are different and I don't know what's going on, and I'm the newbie, when I've always been the long timer before. Cowboy says I remind him of Red in the Shawshank Redemption, and over the years that I've studied screenwriting, yeah--I've come to realize I am a lot like Red. All worn down and tired.

Lack of hope does that to you. You get tunnel vision.

I might not like some of the people at my old place, but I'm damned grateful to them for setting an example. Been there, done that. Not gonna let apathy grind me into another rut. It's like Expury says, once you let your dreams go, there's nothing left.

I have a second chance--not to make something of myself in what turned into my life's work, because when I pass into the Great Nevernever, I don't want..."well, she died at her station," chiseled into my urn. But to follow my dream wherever it takes me, no matter how damned uncomfortable I might be. Like that old song, from Man of La Mancha. .

I'm teetering on the edge of scared and hopeful. But I think hopeful is winning out.

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Jennifer McK said...

That's important. It's so hard not to let all that stuff wear you down. Good for you.
Should I say congrats for the move? I think I will.
Which reminds me of one of those trite sayings..."Change is inevitable, suffering is optional".