Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Yay!!!! Coming around the bend and moving fast...

I am almost done with my edits. Thank you, God. Another few days and I can get some rest before I start back in on Kill Velocity. I have a day off--okay, three days--scheduled for right after the book goes back to Laura.

I'm going to sleep. (that's a P-1)

See the Bourne Ultimatum. (yeah--Matt Damon is HOT)And I like Ludlum anyway. (although I think they should have stayed true to the book and kept Marie. C'mon, she's his wife. She lives through the entire series.)

And...maybe, eat something more than a can of mini-ravioli's on the fly.


It's damned luxurious.


Jennifer McK said...

Congratulations!!!!! Doesn't it feel AWESOME to get through them?
Great job!

Gwen said...

Dude...I totally came here to see how much longer I have to wait for your freakin book. Finish your edits already.


jodi said...

lol, Gwen. You got a blogger account?

Thank you, Jen. It does feel awesome and damned liberating. :)

And YOU, hey--Cowboy? I know you can comment. You are not included in my post about people and their ruts. Wait for it...((((hugs!)))) (scared you, huh?)