Thursday, June 21, 2007

Breakthroughs in style...'s weird, sometimes you say, "well, this is the way I write", not knowing that okay--well, it was the way you wrote. Yesterday.

Or maybe the day before.

Style evolves.

My style used to be very Valerie Sherwood--probably a little too far into the instant lust style of romance writing. lol, I don't even like books with instant lust. (alright, alright...some books just break the boundaries and kick 'em in. Like JR Wards Brotherhood books. Fine stuff, really...) But as I got older, I wanted a little more than lust, I wanted love, and relationships and all that mushy stuff that sounds so cheesy when you admit to it. I got really stripped and sparse. Not screenwriting sparse, but bare sparse. Sort of a cross between Hemingway and Zelazny. Kind of sorta empty.

Then yesterday? This morning...

...I used that chapter I read from Jessica Morrell's book on craft, Between the Lines, about sensory surround, and it was like turning on the dolby stereo. I had SOUND! And color. And weird stuff that hadn't lived in my books before.

It felt...kind of strange. Like the day I started out for emotional understructure and could finally see how it all linked together. An aha moment?

Yeah, probably.

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