Tuesday, June 19, 2007

...I can see you writing. *sigh*

I was looking for something to read last night. I've been spending a lot of time writing and reading craft books recently, and got to the point where I realized that I hadn't read anything in months. I mean...months?

I remember the times when I couldn't stop reading. Like popcorn, I kept grabbing handfuls and stuffing them in my head. Now I can't find a book that I like. I love, right--absolutely love--the Liaden series by Sharon Lee. OMG! Carpe Diem, with Val Con and Miri trapped on that planet is beyond good. So I figured, ok--I'll read Crystal Solider, which is Jela's story, sort of a prequel.


As much as I love Clan Korval, the best part of the whole thing was the tree. I skimmed all three hundred pages. Don't think I'll read the next. It just didn't grab me.

And then I tried a different book--no names, I might know you. My fave light reading, urban paranormal. I think Butcher is to die for. But he's got something that lots of others don't. Maybe it's the strength of his characters and the way he will dig until you can feel the pain and truth, but this..."a seductive smile curved her voluptuous lips". Man, come on.

For one thing it's in omni pov when I'd just been in her head. For another, it was set up as a fantasy by a major publisher of fantasy, which er...led me to believe it's a FANTASY. not a romantic paranormal with erotic overtones. Kushiel's Dart it wasn't. It wasn't even Patricia Briggs. It was just...wrong. I wanted more story and less obsession with buns and pecs.

I can read about buns and pecs and sex anytime. Hell, I can write it myself. I want STORY.

...so now that I'm done ranting. The pundit recommended piece? Another wrong path. This time with too many "saids", like he'd taken Stephen King's writing advice to his bosom and wouldn't let go. It was so stripped and sparse, and award-winning, and hardbacky. *sigh* I couldn't get it. Why does everyone else get it when I couldn't get it? For God's sake--it was supposed to be a taut and gripping mystery thriller! And it gripped me only long enough to flick through it and put it down.

I did however...enjoy the cookbook.

Maybe I should look into it.

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