Friday, January 6, 2017

New Series and updates

You know, back when I read blogs, I used to wonder why my favorite bloggers only updated once a month (or once a year, sometimes once in two or three years). It's taken me years to realize it's simply a lack of time. The busier you are, the less time there is for blogging, or pretty much anything.

The other day I was waiting on my kid. We'd parked outside a Starbucks fronting the Tacoma campus of the University of WA, and I was doing my favorite thing--dubbing the dialogue for people passing by and making comments about puffy black coats, people who wear shorts and sandals in twenty degree weather, and the return of the unisex haircut (shaved on the sides, long on the top, sort of like a carrot). And my other kid says, "I like people-watching," which means she thinks the corny dialogue is funny and we don't go out enough.

I really don't do a lot of anything anymore--except work, lol. And blogging has dropped to maybe fifty on my daily to-do list, but I really wanted to get some of my old workshops out for people who were interested. One of my favorite older workshops is Prologue Structure, and looking back on it, it's a very focused look at how to use structure to make a prologue work for your story, and what it does and doesn't do (so you can make an informed choice). I'll probably start it up later today, or maybe tomorrow, so drop by if you're interested and we can talk. If you're interested in learning to become your own dev editor, swing by All Writer's and check out my new workshop series. It's taken awhile to realize I should play to my strengths. :) 

If you're going to the Wolf Pack Conference tomorrow, I hope you'll ask lots of questions, and if you're looking for some free advice or to talk about your wip, drop by the free All Writer's Open House. You have to sign up, but it's a thirty second thing and it runs all tomorrow. Leave a question, get an answer! See you then. :) btw, comment moderation has been on forever, so if you leave a comment it won't show up until I see it. That's a good thing because I'll definitely see it. :) Thanks for dropping by!


Elaine Bedigian said...

Hi Jodi.

Your newest blog idea sounds like a winner. Great idea!(besides, I'm always up for freebies, ha ha)

I like prologs where they are necessary and helpful in setting up a story, and I know that they are not always needed but there are bad vibes out there about them. Need to learn how to get around that prejudice.

In the novel I am using for the FirstFive Pages critique, I start with prolog and end with an epilog. I felt it was needed for this book. Can't wait to get your feedback on this one.

Jodi Henley said...

Good deal! I hope to talk with you about it over (however long it takes me to post the series) :) Thanks for dropping by, Elaine!

Anne Duguid Knol said...

Hi Jodi,
So pleased to see you back in my inbox.

Great content as usual, thanks.

Just a quick heads up that your All Writers links are not working either on email or blog posts. :-(


Jodi Henley said...

Thanks Annie! I'll go check it out and see what happened :) (and thanks for letting me know :)