Tuesday, March 29, 2016

DIY Developmental Edits

I remember, a couple of years back, I'd go to other story blogs and wonder why the blog's owner hadn't updated in months (if not years). Then I'd roll on to another blog, and it'd be the same thing over again. Nowadays (a year after my last post), I understand. Things were super different when I was just kicking around theories and making powerpoints for fun. These days, I pretty much have a 20/4 hour day. Work twenty, sleep four. Although seriously, sleep is way overrated.

I've been working on a new workshop called, well, in my mind--DIY Dev Edits, which is kind of weird, because all this time I've been trying to make some kind of interlocking system to write, not edit, and what do I end up with? In some ways, I really think it's about about a knowledge base, because it's really hard to explain something isn't working (because it has no arc) to someone who has no clue how arcs work, or what an arc is, which is probably the same thing my kid thinks whenever he fixes my car and tries to talk to me about exhaust systems. I could care less about mufflers and batteries. I just want to know if I get in and turn the key, the engine will turn over so I can go to the store.

Which means I basically I ended up with a lot of exercises that do two things: teach theory quickly, and explain how to use it so you get in the car and drive with minimal effort.

If you're interested, why not drop by? It's coming up soon :)

April 7-14th at All Writer Workshops

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