Friday, September 23, 2011

A visit to the Pie Goddess

okay, I admit it. I like to Yelp, and review things that get an "opinion" from me. Sometimes bad, sometimes good. According to my distribution chart, I like maybe a third of the places I visit with the rest broken up into hates and meh. Not that I'm picky, lol.

I'd been meaning to head on over to Legendary Donuts in Lake Tapps, but it's a good long drive and a new shop opened up close to me--the Pie Goddess. My God. This woman can cook. I'd been reading reviews for her stuff back when she used to operate out of a shared kitchen with some Italian place.

I never got around to eating at the restaurant, but as soon as I saw her logo go up in a small storefront, I was so there. Nice woman, beautiful pies. No coffee drinks (a rarity for Seattle), no extras, just two cases full of pie and only pie. They let me split a whole pie into a sampler, and the woman waiting on me had the patience of a saint. She'd been doing a sampler as I walked in and then someone else walked in as mine was being made and...I guess that's a good thing, because all of us had big, wide smiles. Lot of good feelings in that store.

I had the lemon cream, banana cream, coconut cream, chocolate chip, mixed berry, apple, sour cream apple, peanut butter cream and pecan, and yes--I was a pig, but a happy pig. The mixed berry was great! Tart, like a real pie, beautiful flaky crust. I was in awe. Better yet, I got pictures.

If you bring in your own garden fresh fruit, they'll make a pie out of it, and the woman told me just recently a man brought in a bag of blackberries (blackberries are a huge nuisance here) and they made blackberry dumplings for him. Small town living, got to love it. I understand they're already taking reservations for holiday pies. I can see why.


deanna said...

Mm, those do look good. I made a gluten-free blackberry pie, after my son and a friend picked the berries. There was a good crust mix on sale, and even those who eat "regular" around here liked it. I wonder if the place near you does gluten-free? If so, when I come up there to visit my brothers (which I keep saying I will sometime do), I'll have to maybe find it. :o)

jodi said...

If you do find it, you'll have to let me know and we'll visit. :) I love blackberries (except for the seeds) I don't think they do gluten-free, but they're probably willing to try.

And, lol--I keep meaning to visit my brother down in Beaverton, but it always gets pushed back. I need to get down there before winter sets in. :)

Kristen Koster (Kaige) said...

My son LOVES the word pie. He's a bit more lukewarm on the actual stuff. He likes the fillings more than the crusts. He was quite amused by the name.

They look so good and I love the small town feel of bringing in your own fruit and having it made for you! Can't see that happening around here.

liana laverentz said...

I'm so there when I come to see you!