Monday, September 19, 2011

Picking up the pieces...

I've been AWOL for the last few weeks, tying up odds and ends, getting ready to go back to school--wondering if I'll need brakes before winter sets in. It's been snowing up in the mountains. I guess I missed my chance to see Rainier. The air has that peculiar NW smell--moist like it's going to rain any second but not in one of those muggy Southern ways where you just want to crawl into some A/C and shut the door. Cold and wet. Like standing in front of the refrigerator when it's hot outside. Funny how it was ninety not more than a few days ago.

I had some family issues and personal issues, and no clue why everything always seems to happen at the same time, but it had a huge impact on my last workshop. Probably the strangest one I've ever done--on short story structure. It didn't have "umphf." Very weird, although I'm wondering if maybe asking people to write a short story during the workshop had something to do it? Justifying myself, lol. It's better than saying I didn't connect. It's strange though--like standing in a fishbowl. I've always liked it better when people talk to me. Or maybe it was the focus? I'm all about theory, and this was the practical application for stuff I've talked about for years. Interesting thought, since my practical stuff always happens during the deconstructions and they usually don't do as well as the workshops, and the workshops are theory...and, yeah--I can chase myself in circles if I don't stop. Next up is Emotional Structure--another theory workshop. If it does well, I need to take another look at why I got off tangent with the pragmatism, lol.

Ultimately, it's all about the book. Half formatted now, with an intro and everything. I suspect it's going to be the digital equivalent of a tome. Every workshop I've ever done, and all the blog posts and all the bits and pieces I have in folders. I've been poking around, looking at the enhanced e-books that include video and hyperlinks, wondering if I can fit in a power point or it'll have to be done as video. Or maybe just text to start and an enhanced version when I figure it all out. I dunno. Bunches of thoughts, and I don't want to finalize anything before I write the ES workshop. Short Story alone was 35 pages.

I need to spend some down time, and found the perfect "do-something" hobby. Donut shops. I know, kind of goofy, but I'm a big fan of apple fritters and chocolate-covered custard filled. A new donut shop opened up in Lake Tapps, and I'm so there. Anything billing itself as the Washington version of Voodoo Donuts needs a visit from yours truly. Maybe tomorrow.


Kristen Koster (Kaige) said...

Hope the dust settles quickly for you. I almost signed up for that short story class, but figured I didn't have the time to do what I was supposed to, so that'd be a bad idea.

Mmmmm. Donuts. They SOUND good. But after giving up wheat last October, I walked into a donut shop in February and was nearly sick from the smell. I'm sure your visit will be better though! LOL

As for why everything has to happen at once? I dunno, but it sure feels like it does! Maybe it's to give credence to that old saying, "When it rains, it pours"?

Hailey Edwards said...

Everything always happens at once. As my buddy Mel is always telling me--feast or famine. Whatever you call it, it doesn't make it suck any less.

I miss taking classes. I missed the summer symposium and everything else. Well, I did manage Angela James's Before You Hit Send workshop in July. August vanished without a trace. Here it is September and I'm staring down a December deadline and wondering wth I was thinking when I said, "December is totally doable."

I think someone should have come along and stuffed one of those apple fritters in my mouth. ;)

I enjoy your donut tour. We have nothing but Krispy Kreme around here. I have a hard time forking over the calories for that. Oh, speaking of calories, have you tried Biscoff spread?

I think we talked about peanut butter before. This is similar, but runnier and 57% cookie. Freaky, huh?

jodi said...

lol, Kaige. Never did get to the donut place. Although I did get to the pie place that just opened up down the street. I just wish it'd stop pouring, although it's close to winter and that's kind of an improbability up here in Seattle. :(

lol, Hailey--it's good to have work. :) I have this promise to myself to finish that damned book by October 31st (the non-fiction one). Maybe.

Biscoff spread!! I saw that at the store and stopped to stare. Then my kid saw it and said, "hey wait--that's the little cookies Delta gives you." and he took it out of my hand and put it back on the shelf. Guess he didn't want any. I might pick it up anyway just to see. I love those little cookies. :)