Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No school, no work, but a tasty meal

I didn't have to work today. A god thing since I'm still in recovery mode. Too much moving, too many boxes--way too many stairs. Although I had a can of spackle, so it really didn't matter that we tore a hole in the wall trying to get the couch through the front door. Pity I don't have matching paint.

Since my computer was down and I had to wait for my kid to get home I took my daughter out for retro Chinese. Got to love this town. It's like it's caught in a time-warp. Old-fashioned drive-ins, walkable streets. A hiking trail, mountains and forests--huge empty fields and barns everywhere. People leave their bicycles unlocked and cars at home. There's a movie theatre with one screen that shows two shows a day and has a soda machine in the lobby.

There's also a State Patrol office a block from me, and a genuine in-town police department, complete down to one of those "police" lights that light the entry in case you're looking for it late at night.

We walked over to the restaurant. It didn't look like much, since it must have been built back in the sixties, just a big barn of a place with a wooden slab door and a couple of Chinese symbols on the outside. There were two cars and if it wasn't for Yelp, I'd have kept going.

*happy sigh*

What a throwback. I haven't had food like that in decades. Fast, hot, kitschy. Tiki lights hanging from the ceiling, Richie Valens on the sound system. Fried rice shaped like a bowl and egg rolls like whopping big chunks of fish.

There weren't any chopsticks!! A good thing since I have carpal.

And at the end, the woman scooped all our leftovers into a regulation (circa 1972) Chinese takeout container and left us fortune cookies.
That red stuff in the dish is ketchup. :)
Lemon chicken. Delicious and day-glo yellow. Just like I remember from back in the day.
There were tikis.
And way too much food. It was a good move.

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