Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Day the Virus From Hell Ate My Computer

So...guess that string of bad karma is still there because today I downloaded a trojan. Not just a trojan, but something so bad it ate my Kaspersky, destroyed Windows Security Essentials and laughed at me while it crashed my computer--every two minutes.

I'd been writing my workshop, maybe about halfway through, getting ready to post and...hours of trying to get rid of the thing only to have my computer crash when I tried to run a scan. I suspect it was the script to the Maltese Falcon. It was from a site I trusted, but that doesn't mean anything. Who knows where they got it from?

To make a long story short, even my kid couldn't get rid of it and needs to wipe the whole thing clean. For the first time in years I visited the library computers and they're just as bad as I remember--cheek to jowl, coughing, people talking on the phone, heavy filtering and a thirty minute maximum.

And the keyboard was sticky. No clue, but I think it was sweat.

Luckily my other kid had a spare laptop. I don't have Word, but I have internet. For now, that's good enough. I also have a pencil.


Kathryn Scannell said...

That stinks. Something happened with my work computer last week that took or IT guy most of the day to fix. We don't think it was a virus, but it just lost track of the association between my login and my files, and incidentally all my program customizations (security settings, signatures for email, etc.)

You might want to look at OpenOffice for the spare computer. It's free, and will write MS Word formats. They work pretty similarly. I wouldn't use open office for something with a ton of fancy formatting like a resume because it's only about 95% compatible with Word, but for basic writing it works fine.

jodi said...

lol, it's okay. I only had to use the pencil for a couple of hours. As soon as my kid got home today he gutted my computer, reinstalled Windows and Office and updated everything.

It would have been great (because it makes my computer run faster. No Kaspersky though) just that all I really focused on saving was my workshop folder and my pictures. Everything else disappeared, damnit.

It sucks, but it's a good lesson on why you should backup. My last backup was in December. *grr*

deanna said...

Oh, I hate that for you. Will back up my stuff again now, though. Thanks for the reminder...