Monday, August 2, 2010

RWA Orlando Day 3 part 3

There are a lot of things I enjoy about RWA, but the lines aren’t one of them. It’s sort of like Disney without the heat, although there’s a lot to be said about a lack of heat. I thought it was hot in DC, but this was worse. Every time I stepped out of the Swan, it was like some kind of horrible torture. It wasn’t just hot, it was humid, nasty and all around ugly. No shade, no breeze, nasty stagnant lagoon with water weeds and this smell—like coconut sunscreen and sweat.

I have no clue how some people stayed so cool and tidy looking, because even the lecture rooms were hot. I had my fan out and tried to avoid the rooms that drew a crowd. One woman got so mad the lecture she wanted to attend--fifteen minutes after it’d started—was full. It was Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Standing room only. You had to be there early. Guess she'll have to listen to it on the tape.

I’m glad I’m a geek because the lectures I really wanted to go to were fairly empty. I went to the lecture Theresa moderated—can’t remember what it was, but it must have been okay since I sat through it, lol.
I moderated a couple, both very interesting, and went to the Christie Craig and Faye Hughes lecture.
What can I say? I’m a huge fan. It was down a hall, around a corner—and after a lecture I wasn’t at all interested in, but I wasn't about to miss it.

Their last lecture—Make it Happen was beyond fabulous. I don’t think they can “do” a bad lecture. It’s not really craft, but inspiration. Every single time I listen to these women speak, I cry, and I am totally not the most touchie-feelie kind of individual. That’s serious talent, and the kind of warm-fuzzies that make you want to go out and persevere. If you ever get the chance to listen to these women, it’s worth your while. You can get their latest--Rejection, how to use it--through the Bill’s Pro people although it's not up yet. Or if you’re buying the conference CD, you might want to check them out. Good stuff.

For everyone there that’s unpublished or “under” published—the presence of so many agents and editors are like flakes of gold at the bottom of a river. Hard work, good strategy, and a 30 second pitch are like a pan and hip waders. Although a good hunting blind never hurts.
Later, we had dinner, talked shop, hung out and talked shop. Three thousand mostly female writers with something in common? There's going to be a lot of gossip and craft discussions going on.

The Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal group had their Gathering, and Teresa was part of it so me and Chellesie went off looking for her and found more friends. Shaunta.
One of Chellesie’s friends.
...and Jamie Babette.
It was a good night.


Unhinged said...

What an adventure, huh? It's too bad about the suspicious looking and/or stale food, and the weather, but it seems from your photos (loved the scenery! loved the shoe cookie!) and commentary that the trip was definitely worth it.

How'd you like that sentence?

Was your pitch really only 30 seconds?

jodi said...

lol, yeah--the trip was worth it. My big finale before I go back to the land of realistic expectations and little money. I wanted to squeeze it because I don't know if I can afford the next one.

Personally I like run on sentences. :)

nah, the pitches--the real-sit-down ones were 10 minutes. The catch an agent in action, moving fast were only 30 seconds and might turn into more if you had a good pitch, but thirty seconds just for a blurb and the chance at a request.

I used my 30 second pitch twice, and each time it turned into more. I was fortunate.

The bread drove me nuts. It kept getting staler and staler, like they only allotted a certain amount to the conference. By the last day, that stuff was horrible.

but...would I do it again? Hell yeah. Good trip, even getting stranded overnight in Houston. :)

deanna said...

It's hard to argue with inspiration. My dad has to have his daily dose of emotional motivation, and though I rarely admit it, I need such things sometimes, too. Part of being human, I guess, since I don't see my cat needing a pep talk before he struts out to spar with the Siamese across the street. :o)

Hope you enjoy your trip back to the PNW.