Saturday, July 31, 2010

RWA Orlando day 3 part 2

I did a lot of sitting in the a/e appointments--mostly because I like talking to people. There's a lot less noise, people are focused--some people sit in a corner muttering. You'd think we were crazy with all the pysch mojo stuff going on. After my two appointments I figured I wouldn't push my luck so I went back upstairs, past the people shipping their freebies home.
It's hard to tell but the line wrapped around the pillars and went back out towards the lobby. Twenty five to ship a small box home and thirty for a medium.
...and had a little more chicken. That yellow stuff is grits. I wanted to take a picture of how they'd clumped into a solid mass, but Teresa talked me out of it.
Afterwards I went back to the Swan to take a shower--it's so hot. Past Cambria and one of her friends. And a couple of people wasting their conference fee, lol...


Hailey Edwards said...

You have eaten some interesting chicken over the weekend for sure. LOL

Is a hot, decent meal going to be your first order of business when you get home?

jodi said...

it was--it was over fast and I'm damned happy. And for sure it wasn't chicken. :)

Eden Bradley said...

Thanks for sharing your pics with those of us who missed this year.
Your chicken pics make me laugh!

jodi said...

lol, wait until you see the next one. :)