Thursday, July 15, 2010

Characterization and Core Events

Nine months after I said I'd do them, I think I'm finally getting the hang of videos. This time it only took 82 tries--a new record! Eleven videos from now I'll get it right the first time.

It's only fair a workshop on organic writing would grow organically. There were a lot of things I didn't know, like how to stare into the camera and what to do with my hands. I think I got it straight, but there's a long way to go. Nine more in this series alone.

Maybe one day I'll be all spiffy and get some special effects, but for right now--it's just me and my coffee cup. Although I'm getting flashbacks to Kronk in The Emperor's New Groove, plastered up against the wall, Kuzco in the bag up over his shoulder, singing his own theme music.


Eden Bradley said...

Jodi-this is awesome! Mind if I send a few people this way...?
And hey, it takes 9 months to make a baby, so why not an educational and inspiring video?

Ayla said...

a packet of mints has never seemed so profound before. That was really useful and helpful, thanks!!

Jeannie Lin said...

I think core events is a great way to focus in on a character's backstory, or specifically, the relevant moments of their backstory. Thanks for the talk! Had some great thoughts about how to think about character and motivation from this.

Anonymous said...

Darn, I had a comment all done and it poofed---

I LOVE this. I get the stuff on paper, but this is awesome. You are a great teacher, and you know your stuff.


deanna said...

Thumbs up to this! I'll watch it again. Even though I write essays, they're about characters, and I can look for the core events in real people to help me express their/my stories. At least in theory, it's helpful for true tales, too.

Congrats on all the perseverance. :o)

jodi said...

Deanna, I'm always analyzing people, lol. :)

Hailey Edwards said...

This is fantastic. I'm glad to see you're keeping up with the vidding.

It also earns you extra cool points for mentioning Kronk.

jodi said...

I love Kronk. :) The Emperor's New Groove, Lilo and Stitch and Mulan have got to be my top three Disney movies.

squeak sqeak'um, squeak squeak!

Mima said...

it was great to see you again, and here your expert information, and see your helpful visual. it was worth 82 tries, but i hope it gets easier.

jodi said...

Jeez mima, I hope it gets easier too. It sucks up a lot of time. :( I'll see you in NY though? at RWA NY :)

Unhinged said...

I have nothing of importance to add, except to say that I enjoyed the latest video and want a mint now.

You seemed a lot more comfortable this time around. Did you feel that way?

(I belive Jane should eventually realize she is smart and pretty, but really MORE smart than pretty, and then kill that killer, dammit.)

jodi said...

lol, the mints are pretty horrible. I only eat them because they're caffeinated. :)

:) Andi, I'm pretty sure if I did that story Jane would turn out to have some kind of self defense training and end up dropping a bookcase on the villain and squishing him like a bug or something.

I think....that I'm better and more laid back when I'm so tired I can barely think "because" I can barely think. And it will probably always take the back side of forever to do these. *sigh*

The earlier versions of this were a little self conscious. :)