Monday, July 12, 2010

Breaking out the comfort food

I've been doing a lot of eating recently. Not that I'm trying to get larger than I already am, but--food is love. Or at least comfort. And it's been a rocky week. Even when your kid is in their twenties, letting go is hard, and since--to put it mildly--I'm a little OCD, I'm having issues.

Growing up in Hawaii, all my comfort foods are South/Asian. My grandpa was from Louisiana, and everyone else was Island born and bred. Mochi, gau, pork adobo, fried okra and collards, chocolate chess pie and chicken long rice. Easy on the stomach and soothing like a good bowl of chicken and dumplings. I'm popping watercress boiled in chicken stock with ginger like it's candy. Today I made scallion cakes.
I used to make them out of this book called the Healthy Chinese Gourmet, and they were "meh", not really good, but not really bad. A couple years back my mom gave me a copy of Grace Young's book, the Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen. Love that thing. I've never made a bad recipe from it, and I rediscovered scallion cakes. Not the lo-fat variety in the Healthy Gourmet, but the full-fat, fried in grease dough rounds that look like a Navajo taco and taste like a wonton on steroids. Greasy, chewy, salty, green oniony. Nom nom nom nom. Totally delicious.
If my stress doesn't dial back soon, I'm going to break out the chow fun.


Michelle (MG) Braden said...

Sorry you are so stressed. Stress eating is hell on the diet, but oh so comforting. Those scallion cakes look great - you should share the recipe.

Hope you are less stressed soon. See you in two weeks!

jodi said...

lol, MG--me and my daughter were talking about you and your fabulous cover. :) I'm looking forward to Orlando.

Michelle (MG) Braden said...

But did you talk about sharing your recipe? LOL

And OMG on the cover o.O ;-) You tell your daughter I'm a very nice girl!

jodi said...

lol, MG--my daughter thought it was hilariously funny, and she wants me to keep writing so we can go to Singapore next year. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, scallion cakes are my FAVORITE!!!!


jodi said...

lol, Eva. They're my favorite too. :)

Unhinged said...

I love onions. Bread. Grease. And those do look mighty fine.