Sunday, June 27, 2010

Whew--what a learning experience...

On the very last try, my kid said, "Some people aren't cut out to make videos." And I gave him a dirty look, because I'm totally set on making at least a handful of videos. Maybe more. Depending on whether I get better at them, but at least the ones I need for my workshops. Some things just need to be explained up close and personal.

It's a huge learning experience. No clue why I can stand up in front of people and talk, but I can't talk to a camera in an empty room.

Maybe it was just me being all self-conscious. I know I'm a little heavy, what with the kids and the messed up gallbladder surgery awhile back, my stomach muscles are pretty weak. I guess it wouldn't be bad if I was heavy all over, but I carry most of my weight in my gut, a very "male" thing that looks funny in a woman. I went from t-shirt to over-shirt, to jacket, and finally settled on my favorite hoodie.

And I didn't realize I roll my eyes. Not that I do it in the video, but I "did"--about forty times before I managed to stop. list of things to do.

  1. Get a hair cut.
  2. Clean the hoodie. It smelled like it'd been tossed into the back of my closet wet, and it probably was. The weather up here is crazy-weird.
  3. Make a list of "talking points" and put it somewhere behind the camera so I don't get off topic.
  4. And use lipstick, because for some reason my mouth disappeared.

...other than that, I did like my voice. Maybe I should do podcasts.

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