Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yeah, working on the "look"

For the next couple days I'll be working on the "look" of my blog. Not that bamboo isn't--imho, the best background in the world, but I can't get the text to "pop". Blogger recently added a feature called template designer but after playing with it for an hour or so it simply doesn't work so I get stuck with whatever I had going on at the time.

This week looks like the big wall 'o gray. I like the background, and I like the way the tabs are set up, but the text needs to be a little brighter. Hopefully I can fix that soon.

I'm in the middle of developing some workshops, and so far I have one called "Showing the Character Arc: a practical hands-on guide to what, why and how" although building on a comment in my last workshop, it's not really "about" the arc, but how to find it in your work, why and when it needs to be there, and how to actually "show" it progressing through the story.

Although...I didn't see too many workshops on arc. Maybe I need to make it more of an intensive.


Hailey Edwards said...

I like the industrial look. ;)

I'd also read John's story, but that's a comment for the post below this one.

jodi said...

Thanks, Hailey. I like it too. I finally got the text background light enough to use black and not dark enough where I'd have to use white. I think this is going to be it for at least another year or so. Much as I liked the green, the white print was hard on the eyes.

jodi said...

oh...forgot to say that was for possum. She asked me what I meant when I said she should stain her hero and make him darker. :) I like questions, lol

deanna said...

This look is good, though the green was nice...But I couldn't do stuff in white print, either. Same as I won't write with a blue pen. The tiles are cool, too.

jodi said...

Thanks, Deanna. :) I hate getting old. The glare off my trifocals gives me a killer headache.