Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Only another few weeks

I know I've been whining for almost two years now, but thank God! Only three more weeks. No more Excel-homework, filter this, filter that, macro here and what if analysis. And best of all--no more Human Relations. I picked it because I needed a BUS or BUS E to pad my credits. I was under the impression it was some kind of HR course, but it's actually how to fit into the corporate world.

Most of the class deals with assessing yourself--honestly, he says. Honesty got me 80 when everyone else was getting a 100. What the teacher really meant was "honesty to the extent you're telling me what I want to hear." After two well-meant lectures and some coaching, I swallowed enough integrity to conform, although the whole scenario about expecting and deserving a raise, but failing to get one during your performance eval--now tell me how you'd use positive re-imagining to find the opportunities to grow your performance so you'd get a raise "next" time had me stuttering at the fingers. That's like the horse and the carrot.

The horse never gets the carrot, although the rider uses him until it's time to send the poor hack to the glue factory. You don't give carrots to hacks. Especially hacks stupid enough to keep running.

"Solid action plan, Jodi!" Yeah, right. Guess you can't see how close I am to "Falling Down" in your class, huh?

I'd think better of him if he had a sense of humor, but he's dead serious, and maybe that's the trouble with school. Over the last two years, I've had two decent teachers and a bunch of people who get bent out of shape over the fact I'm using Courier New instead of Times New Roman.

If it wasn't that I'm desperately trying to get out, I'd probably run an experiment. This paper in Courier versus a similar paper in Times New Roman. I very distinctly remember the first time some kid barely old enough to drive leaned over and very earnestly told me I had to write everything in Times New Roman, double-spaced MLA format and get a pencil.


deanna said...

I could write so much about what you just said. Sometime I will; or is saying that just dangling a carrot?;o)

School of life, baby...

jodi said...

lol, Deanna. Guess I never noticed it before. Maybe getting kicked out of school the first time was a blessing in disguise. I'll definitely read your carrot post, and I can imagine you'll have a gorgeous picture of a carrot stuck into the ground near a river, or a bunch sitting on a rock someplace wonderful. :)