Thursday, January 14, 2010

No work for 6 weeks??!

Maybe I should have titled this post stuff I didn't know about iron, hysterectomies and how hard it is to say no when people simply assume you'll agree with them. kid (after I got home from urgent care last week) pointed out I couldn't stay on mega-doses of iron, which is a true thing--I know very little about vitamins and nutritional stuff, but I do know too much iron is bad. So after the first three days, I went down to a multivitamin with iron and felt tired, but not unbearably so. A little short of breath, maybe needed a couple of naps to fix my sleep debt.

Then I went to my general practitioner and she pointed out urgent care should have talked me through what to do next instead of putting it off on her a week later. Turns out I needed to stay at three hundred percent of the daily dose until they could check my blood again because--as she showed me my chart--I was so dangerously low in such a wide range of blood-things the computer had colored that entire section of results red. We talked about fibroids and hysterectomies, and since everyone from the nurse to the person who took my blood had simply assumed I'd be good with getting my uterus out, this was the third time I had to say, "hey, wait a minute."

Not that I mind surgery, but I do mind loosing everything from my house to my car, and being able to eat. I don't have that kind of cushion. I'm carefully balanced one paycheck away from every bill I own going into default. It's bad enough that I've had so many tests in the last week that I'm going to have to negotiate a payment plan...but....

I dunno.

I'd like to. But I have to explore my options. The nurse shook her head when I said, "If I can just hold on..." Two weeks from now, it'll be time for round two. Lemme practice. "What is it you don't understand about homelessness?"


Jennifer Leeland said...

Damn honey. That totally sucks. I'm really worried about you, but I know you'll do what you have to do to take care of yourself.

Hailey Edwards said...

Ouch. That was real smooth how they glossed over the fine points for you --like having surgery without asking if it's what you wanted.

Take care of yourself and don't let them push you into anything. Second opinions are your friend.

jodi said...

Jen, there's no way in Hell I can be out of work for such a long time. And my job is physical. It does suck. *sigh* I'm going to do some networking in the hopes I can squeeze a job out of my scholarship sponsor. :)

Hailey, second and thirds. :)