Monday, December 7, 2009

FREE!!!!!!!! For three and a half weeks of moderate freedom

Yay!!! I am so totally out of behavioral science--no more psych profiles. No touchie-feelie brain gropes and people wondering why I can't be normal. Never thought I'd hate something I wanted to do.

I also took International Business. Lots of fun. Open-ended questions. Interesting topics. A lot of stuff I can put in StallingCo's business model. And no more pure accounting. I'm done with the book (the whole book!) and turning it in for Christmas money. After a year and a half of accounting and taking prerequisites to take "more" accounting, I can finally shut it down.

Next quarter, after some "real world" searches, I decided to take specialized Quickbooks. I know it's just software, but it's listed at the very top of every job I've looked at. "must be proficient in Quickbooks"

Quickbooks is a 1-credit course because it focuses on "facets". I figured I'd take vendors/banks first (to get that A/P going) and customers when I finish, since it's open enrollment.

I also wanted to take something interesting since I'll be graduating soon, but since I haven't graduated college-level English, it's Intro to English Composition or nothing. I took a look at the textbook and had a knee-jerk reaction. Flashback to when I got kicked out of the University of Hawaii for telling my English teacher where to stick his five sentence paragraphs.

Maybe I'll take something to do with birds. I've made friends with the crows. Love those things. So intelligent. They see my car coming and wait for Cheerios.


Kimberly said...

Way to go! Enjoy your break. I'll be eating some ice cream later to commemorate your release from Behavioral Science.

jodi said...

I'm running around screaming, "NO MORE behavioral science!!!" (all right, I ran around last night after I checked how many points I had and decided a 2.5 was plenty. I really didn't want to finish that last analysis paper...)


jMo said...

Oh yeah, behavioral science, that explains some things.
You haven't graduated college level English, what?
I'm looking for a good class I'll probably drop so I can use the fitness center, any suggestions?
I hate birds, creepy little germ carriers.

jodi said...

Jeanna, I always wanted to take koto (you know? That Japanese stringed instrument.) wow, wish I'd taken it. But I think you should take themes in film (so you can watch movies, lol)

uhm....I got kicked out of the University of Hawaii for telling my expository English teacher where to go. It was a long time ago, but I still remember standing in his office arguing about sentence fragments.

I think I felt strongly about sentence fragments. On one hand, I got a perfect "English" score in my college placement exams this time around. On the other hand, there are kids out there with more background than me. I can't get into any good stuff without taking the prerequisites, and I'm not sure how I feel about slogging through basic composition (even if it's advanced basic composition). I think I'll go down there next Monday and see if I can get some kind of waiver. I don't know.

0.o You don't like crows???!!! Okay, most people don't like crows because they "watch" you. (that's because they have incredible memory and remember individual people) I don't think you want to take a birding class. :)