Friday, October 2, 2009 it's official

People in my kid's home-store are infected with swine flu. The lab results just got back today.

He's been spending time wrapped up in a blanket on the couch, looking tired and queasy. The other day he spent a good hour throwing up. I on the other hand, felt pretty good until about four days ago, and then both of my line-partners got sick.

"Yodi? My throat hurts..." and "I don't feel good." My boss got sick, and one of the assistants got sick. The bussers got sick and the dishwasher started to cough.

My head hurts like someone is hammering it with a baseball bat, and my entire body aches. Probably because with everyone hunched over and moaning, I'm putting out three times my normal effort. I've been sick so long, on and off, I couldn't deal with it anymore.

Yesterday, I stopped in at QFC (chicken is on sale) and saw they were doing a flu clinic. It'd just ended, but I went right up to the counter and asked to be stuck. The pharmacist told me getting sick over and over didn't sound like the flu because you build immunity to the strains in your workplace, but my workplace is an incubator.

People get sick, pass it around--go home, infect their families and when it mutates, bring it back to start the cycle over.

One of the other assistants said, "I don't believe in flu shots." And I said, "It's not a faith issue. Whether you believe in them or not doesn't matter." It's science. And if I wasn't a healthy (mostly) individual, when the swine flu shots come out, I'd rush right down to get them. Unfortunately I have to wait a month.


deanna said...

Oh, no. My son's sick with a slight fever, along with several of his friends. Not flu, yet, I hope. May we all get through this season!

jodi said...

I hope so too. My youngest son is fighting me on the flu shots, but my daughter caved today. She saw me buying Dayquil and Nyquil and cough drops and aspirin just in case, thought real hard and said, "maybe I should get a flu shot."

I'm rushing her down while she's still in the mood.

I hope your son just has a minor illness. :)

Kaige said...

I'm taking my two high risk kids to get their regular flu shots on Tuesday. DH asked if we should think about them for ourselves. *sigh* After having a type A flu back in June, it's not particularly something I want to do again.

Hope your boys are feeling better!

Nothing worse than sick males. Now, if I could just get rid of this cold. Bleah.