Sunday, September 27, 2009

Who is this other person?

...and why'd they take my alter-ego?

There's a Jodi Henley over in Florida who sells houses, although I've got to be leery of a woman who calls herself "IbuyhomesinFL", a Jodi over in Olympia that's got to be thirty years younger and pretty, too. (No, I'm not, and yes--I wish I was). A Jodi on LinkedIn, which is cool. I'm not "that" Jodi, but if I were a businesswoman, that's who I'd like to be. A Jodi over in Arizona doing work on behalf of kids (I'm not that person, but I admire her)

With all the Jodi's out there, I created an alter-ego named Cup o' Noodles. She's a person over on Romance Divas, slightly crazed, a little anti-social, but basically a good sort with a talent for examples. Or so Kaige tells me, lol.

Whenever I want to access my blog without signing in, I google the name, "Will Work for Noodles" 'cause that's the name of my blog. Recently, someone over on MySpace co-opted my name--not that it's really mine or anything--and it feels weird. Not that the woman isn't nice and doing a lot with her life. But...*wah* I'd gotten used to being one of many Jodi's. I wanted to be the only Will Work for Noodles.

And when did I change my descriptor to "loather of green cheese"?


Kaige said...

At least you aren't confused with Japanese film directors. ;)

jodi said...

lol, I confused the hell out of Briana when I broke your user name down into Japanese syllables. It's your avatar.

Threw me off. :)

Alice Audrey said...

For a while Google was reporting an Alice Audrey who started up a blog. I haven't seen any sign of her lately, but I don't get Google notices anymore.

Unhinged said...

Well, I'm a softy when it comes to animals. I even got mad when I was reading about crab cruely...and don't even get me started on lobsters.

I'm sorry about the mouse, Yodi, but I'm with you 110%. You did the right thing.


Unhinged said...

Hey, what the heck? I clicked on the other post, I swear tuh gawd.

Okay, fine, dang it.

There was an Andrea King in another state (I forget where) who had great credit. I found her when I sent off for MY free credit report. And I'm good, just not worth much alive.