Friday, July 24, 2009

Random Thoughts and the end of the conference

I wasn't quite sure what to do with the misc pictures, because I'm not one of those people who like to pose. The best (and worst) pictures are the ones where someone surprised me.

I have one with Alice. I was amazed to see she actually exists under her hat.

I apparently have this problem with my glasses. For some reason they slide down my nose. I can see through them, but if you were wondering--yes, I do have eyes.

I took a horrible picture with Sharon Sala (because I'm a fangirl) that gave me the double chin from Hell. I wanted to photoshop it, but decided I might as well just say it. Sometimes I have a double chin--especially when I'm looking down, or recoiled back from something.

I got a couple of shots of the Literary Autographing. Cowboy wanted a picture of JR Ward's fangirl squad (complete with t-shirts stating their preference) mobbing her.

And I tried to get an overview, but without a wide angle lenses and a birds-eye view, it's hard to understand how big it was. There were literally hundreds of authors and thousands of fans, all talking, screaming and squealing at the same time. By the time they cleared out for the pack-up, my ears hurt.

It was hot (don't ever let people talk you into bringing a sweater to these things--bring a fan instead), over crowded and uber-exciting, like all RWA Nationals. Hills are not a good idea. After walking up and down to the drugstore and cheap food, I wanted to collapse. And if someone could figure out a way to sell bottled water, they'd make a fortune.


Eva Gale said...

Alice! Hi Alice! And my glasses do the same thing, Cup.

jodi said...

Alice likes to hide under her beautiful beekeeper style hats, sort of like a reclusive English mystery writer. She was nice enough to stand/sit still, so I could show Andi she exists independent of the hats.

Alice Audrey said...

Hi Eva!

Jodi, you say that based on little more than two pictures. Can I help it if I look better under a hat? Seeing this picture makes me think I should have worn one during the convention. I wouldn't be the first. :D

Lauren Murphy said...

You know I have that same issue with my glasses which is why I hate to wear them. But then my contacts dry my eyes out. There is no winning for me. *sigh*

Unhinged said...

I'm know I'm way late posting here, but in years to come, it won't matter. Andi was here, etc.

The best photos ARE those the one where you DON'T pose--I'm starting to pretend that I am just part of the scenery. Like a doorknob, the edge of a table napkin, or a really big dust mote. Would any of those inanimate objects smile or stick a tongue out?

That said, my dang eyeglasses are forever sliding down my nose, too. I have a skinny-to-non-existent slope of a damn nose, though.

I grin widely anyway. I am more than my skinny nose and granny eyeglasses. Way more.

Like...a crazy lot more.

And so are we all, when you really think about it.