Friday, July 3, 2009

90 in Seattle

Cool and rainy? Seattle? Yeah, right. Last month there were two weeks of ninety degree weather. Then a little rain. Now it's ninety again.

I kept the sunshade for my car because...well, it was in my trunk and I had my car shipped. I honestly didn't think I'd need it, but I've had that thing out for the last three days, shiny side up so my dashboard doesn't crack. I'm lucky to have central air. My boss tells me no one needs it because for that four day period when it's hot (usually in August), people just eat out and hang at the lake. I think he needs to get with climate-change. Two and a half weeks (since the ice melted) have been hot. In that, "I'm gonna melt, leave me alone" kind of way.

And what's up with the ice?

I wanted to get a shovel and chains during November, but I listened to people. "Why? It doesn't snow here." Mid-December to Mid-January. Solid sheets of ice, buckets of snow. My kid's car getting stuck in a snowdrift on 405 near Bellevue. My car getting stuck at work. Slipping and sliding, transmission smoking on shallow hills because the city I live in--despite being in the foothills of the Cascades, has one snow plow. They couldn't even get food to the stores. All the shelves were empty and you couldn't push a cart through the parking lot because it was six inches of ice over asphalt, and bumpy like an ugli fruit.

The have this Pemco commercial called "first snowflake freak out lady"--love that thing. Everytime it comes on, I recite it word for word.

Don't you understand?? I live on a hill!


Jeanna said...

So that's the trick to a fast loading video—graphic and a voice over.
One snowplow, snicker indeed. Why don't you just go out and buy one and put it on your truck.
In the last month I've heard someone from Africa complain how hot it was and someone from Minnesota complain about the snow last winter.
Ice melted two and a half weeks ago? Do people keep saying it's the "Cascade Effect" the way they say it's the "Lake Effect" in Milwaukee?

Charlotte McClain said...

That is priceless. I may have to learn it myself for next winter.

jodi said...

My kids truck, you mean--I have a gas-efficient pretend-it's-a-Honda. Which definitely got stuck in everything over six inches deep, and halfway up my shallow hill. And in my driveway and the parking lot at Fred Meyer. I'm laying in salt and shovels (one for each car) and chains.

Nah, the ice actually melted towards the middle of spring, although there's a lot of accumulation on Rainer (which we're hitting on Monday because my kid wants to take pictures standing in a snowdrift in his shorts). It's been getting progressively hotter, though. I think it's all the asphalt.

People say, "oh...Seattle..." and they think "green", but I've always known it was just auto exhaust, horrible traffic, and urban sprawl. It's been so hot and dry, my grass is crunchy. :(

Hi Charlotte, thanks for stopping by. I love the Pemco commercials.

My boss thinks I enjoy the commercials more than the radio. :)

Kaycee James said...

I hate the snow! I'm so glad it hasn't snowed here for the past few years. People here, myself included, don't know how to drive in the snow.

Now, 90 degree weather, that I love as long as there's no humidity to go with it. :-)

vtgirl1993 said...

Hey Jodi, It's Kelly from way back at Waldens in Military Circle Mall. I hope you remember me! Vicky and I were talking fondly about you over the weekend, so I thought I would look you up on the 'Net to see what you're up to. No good, as usual. :) Anyway, I just wanted to say "hi" and catch up. Not sure how to write you directly...let me know if you want my email.

Hope all is well,

deanna said...

Oh, that's funny. Yeah, living on hills...I've decided I like the flat, former flood-plain fine. (Of course, if a dam or levy somewhere fails, I'll be heading for the hill.)

jodi said...

lol, Deanna. I've been thinking and thinking about "flat" versus hilly. I think my next house will be somewhere in downtown Issaquah where it's flat.

I'd love a loft in Tacoma, but it's really pricey right now. Beautiful city. :)

Hey Kelly, and Vicky? Whoa--long time no see. Thanks for stopping by. Let me look you up.

Alice Audrey said...

I ran into something for the first time a couple of days ago that I'll bet you would recognize on site. The grocery store parking lot had shelters for the cars. Great, arching awnings everywhere. My first thought was they can't get enough rain here to make it worth it, can they? Silly me. They are for the shade.

Jeanna said...

I hope you post photos of the snow shorts.
I've spent a little time in Orgeon, and I've gotten stuck in a little Honda around some waterfall and snow around Thanksgiving. But then again it wasn't my car and I wasn't driving. (I would have eventually broken up with this guy just for not knowing how to drive in snow.)
I think it was somewhere around the Cascade mountains people were freezing and snowbound in springtime.
Those darn mountains.
Word Ver almost spells "dogma"

jodi said...

lol, dogma. Why do I get variations on food and inspirational messages?

I wish I could too, Jeanna. But the day we were supposed to go up the mountain, it clouded over, turned fifty and started to rain!! After all those days of extreme heat, beautiful blue skies and Slurpies.

My kid took one look out the door and went back to bed. I'm hoping it'll be better next Monday (when everyone is off again) *sigh*

vtgirl1993 said...

Hey Jodi,

It's Kelly again. I don't think there's a lot about me on the 'Net, so here's my email: Took me forever to find this post again!