Friday, November 7, 2008


It's been one of those interesting weeks. Not much going on except sinusitis, and seriously--sinusitis hurts. I thought I'd gone into a full blown abscess overnight. My face swelled and my gums hurt, and I was thinking--not another root canal. Then for some reason I ended up at webMD and the symptoms matched sinusitis. I'd been wondering why I kept getting headaches.

To celebrate being able to open my mouth again (it still hurts, but knowing is half the battle, lol...)we went out for dim sum at the Jade Garden. The Jade Garden has got to be the best dim sum I have ever eaten--hot, cheap, fast and utterly delicious.

I had my favorite, the panfried shrimp and scallion balls.

...and my kid had the siu mai, which I'm probably spelling wrong.

I could eat trays of the shrimp balls, they're soooo good. All gooey and mochi-like with toasted sesame seeds and shrimp chunks the size of my thumb. Every time the cart went past I'd check it out to see if something new was on it. I'm not a big fan of taro balls and sticky rice, although from checking one out at another table, I'm thinking...well, maybe next time.


Alice Audrey said...

Drool, drool.

Unhinged said...

Yeah, I'm drooling, too! It's time for breakfast...

Sorry about the head thing, woman. I winced just reading about it. Ow.

Feel better soon!

Kaige said...

I wish the boy would eat more than white rice so we could go out for Chinese more often. We have a decent dim sum place here down the hill, but DH only gets to go for work. DD and I went for chinese last night, but she wanted a different restaurant.

Sinusitis sucks, big time. Glad you're feeling a bit better!

jodi said...

lol, it is droolworthy, Alice. :)

And yes--sinusitis hurts big time. I think it's the weather up here. :)

Jeanna said...

Oooh (eating Raisin Bran from the box and pretending they're shrimp balls).
Hot, Cheap, Fast, and Utterly Delicious is an excellent title. Drop everything and write a romance cookbook with salacious little tales (or tails) inbetween hot, fast, and cheap recipes.
"As she brought the bucatini to a boil she couldn't help but think of his bulging member."
I'm sure it's been done, but we should still contact the Food Network or someone pronto. How about some lovely, er, photos?
Glad you're a little less miserable.
Bleh, it went from 73 degrees to snowing in a few days here.
Maybe I should start wearing socks.